Cold feet relation to ED and libido?

Hey guys, i have been fighting with PAS for 1 years. I had a crush and that’s the same story. You can check my story on member stories.

My question is about an observation. I realised at evenings/nights (usually right after than lunch) my feet start cooling down like a refrigerator. As i experienced when my feet like that my libido is like 0 and i have weaker erections.

But at mornings and until evening/night my libido and erections get better and stronger. So that made me think it can be about some circulation problem? If it’s like that the problem’s root is heart? Or digestion? Or the state of body tiredness because of it’s almost end of the day? What do you think about it?

We can easily eliminate digestion if anybody observes it while on a fast. I want to mention i have bloating guts and some digestive problems with carbs. And i eat carbs usually at lunch so that can be related to it i don’t know.

I began experiencing cold extremities after getting PAS. It wasn’t a problem prior to taking Accutane. It is exacerbated by carb-heavy meals. It seems that blood rushes into your gut to support the processing of the carbs. It feels like there is less blood circulating in other areas. It is usually accompanied with an irritating increase in heart rate, whilst your heart pumps blood to your intestines to deal with the carbs. Reducing or eliminating carbs helps.

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@pete well worked out. It’s had me confounded. I was convinced it was related to certain foods.

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Anti-inflammatory probiotics made me feel cold in places I never thought I could feel cold.
My eyes feel cold, gum tissue feels cold, cold penis, buttocks, hands and feet. Head. Pale skin.
Its almost painful.
It could have something to do with coagulation or blood flow.
The anti-inflammatory or immune suppressive probiotics capable of this that I have trialed?
lactobacillus reuteri 6475 & Propionibacterium freudenreichii.
Both known for their anti-inflammatory properties.
Bacteria and bacteria alone did this.
Get it?
I am desperately trying to push away from this so-to-speak by taking Align or bifido 35624 strain.
I know its capable of generating heat and “warmth” or paradoxically possibly beneficial inflammation.
but now it has required a much higher dosage or longer duration especially after having taken propionibacterium freudenreichii (this “probiotic” has been much more potent or harder to overcome)
Setbacks. Sound familiar? Return to baseline? Worsening of PFS?

Some of these experiences though unfortunately might be key to how PFS gets solved.

On a side note p.acnes itself might be an anti-inflammatory because of its propionate production.
It is the immune response to this bacteria that might generate inflammation, but could be necessary to keep this bacteria in check.

I noticed I got even colder when I took probiotics. Yoghurt too

Sorry i couldn’t understand you completely. You mean anti-inflammatory things make our body worse? Or you mean anti-inflammatory is the same thing with immune system suppressive? I thought and read about our body has more inflammatory than before and have an issue with fighting it. I remember when i checked my blood tests while taking accutane(i was having digestive issues while on treatment) i had high value white cells every time. So as far as i understood our body produce more white blood cells and activates other defensive systems more than before. That explains why nobody gets cold or feels sick after crash. But in that way i think anti-inflammatory things needs to help our body to lose that over inflammation right? Like eating yoghurt or some foods which contains good bacterias in it for our guts. Just for saying it i belive at least %60-70 of my problems are due to my guts.

And another addition, in last two months i have been experiencing several eczamas on my feet and hands. I have never experienced this in my 22 years of my life before this med. As far as i read eczamas are an autoimmune issue too. There is a general discussion page about this topic in this forum too. Maybe it is really about autoimmune and just immune system i don’t get it yet.Please enlighten me about this situation. There hhas to be a connection between all of this

Anti-inflammatories are generally known as immunosuppressive, yes.
Its about a balance or regulation.
I think a person could have immune deficiencies but also suffer from chronic low-grade inflammation, because the body is not capable of mounting an appropriate response to a threat.
PFS could be something the body needs to “fight off” and overcome.
Turn up efficient or proper immune activity to generate healing.
Vitamin A or rather its metabolite Retinoic Acid could play a role in immune homeostasis.
RA is capable of inducing both pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses when it comes to immune regulation.
Instead of just looking at our own genes im also looking at bacteria that could regulate RA metabolism.

About OTC probiotics - my personal experience was never good with these. I found they generally made me feel “off”.

This was the opposite of home-made fermented foods. These make me feel good. This is not specific to people who have problems after PAS/ PFS/ PSSD. Everyone needs to take more care of their microbiome and eat a wide range of fermented foods.

The OTC probiotics usually contain a limited range of bacteria strains and they are also expensive. Make your own, you can get at a wider range of bacteria and it is far cheaper.

The worst culprits are always the same:

  • White bread
  • White potato
  • Spaghetti
  • Overeating too much of anything

Thanks for informations. Things you have said about RA metabolism are quite interesting. Please let me know if you get more information about it.

I can 100% agree with this. Especially potatoes make me really bad. Actually i really can’t understand what really pushes my body hard. These ones you have mentioned are obvius but sometimes i just eat 2 eggs, some olives and some cheese and that makes me bad. But other day i eat more than that and i feel better i don’t know. The worst part of all of these i am on a state that i don’t feel like i can complete a day if i not sleep again during in a day for at least 30 min. Also after 5-6 hours later of digestion i feel like amazing and pre-accutane(little better on sexual sides).

And now, somehow i have eczyamas on my feet and hands and my whole body skin dries even more than before. That includes my penis skin too. Things were supposed to get better and it was until a certain point but it gets worse again. I read sometimes healing can be like a zig zag- downs and upwards but i am not sure again.

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Also i obeserved if i do some heavylifting work outs, after that work out i feel like super energetic and not have any issue with digestion. So that made me think about maybe that can related with some blood sugar problem. Because after work out sugar has to be go into the muscle cells not to deposit in liver(Sure some level of it still has to go liver but less i guess). Some people say working out may apply more stress on the body in our case but i somehow get massive gains and that makes me feel better so i don’t consider quitting it yet. On the other hand it makes me think my body tries to build muscle and healing at the same time. Would it be better if i have spent my 7 months without training, what do you guys think?