Cold feeling in my scrotum


One of the secondary effects that I´m worried the most is this feeling of cold in the skin of my scrotum as well as at the head of the penis. My testicles are the same size as they were before, as well as my penis, but this feeling of cold is something that I don´t understand. Also, when I get the feeling of cold in my scrotum, my testicles tend to rise, making my scrotum bag shrink.

The effects that I´m having are:

Low quality erections.
Low quantity an less quality of semen.
Low libido.
The “feeling of cold”.

Has anyone else experienced this feeling of cold? I know of a guy in the spanish forum who has ED, this feeling of cold, just like mine, watery semen, etc…

He went to the urologyst, got his prostate checked and he was dyagnosed with Prostatitis. Hes under medication now, taking nitrofurantoina 100mg and permixon 320 to relief the prostate inflamation.

He has been following the treatment for two days and both days he has been waking up with morning wood and he also said that the feeling of cold has gotten better.

Up to this point, after a year and a few months after I stopped taking Propecia, I don´t know if my secondary effects are due to the lack of Testosterone in my body or, like in the case of the guy in the spanish forum, a case of prostatitis.

Low levels of testosterone could be the reason of this feeling of cold?

What do you think guys?

Thanks guys.

That guy in the spanish forum, did he have bacteria in his urine?

also, the cold feeling in the scrotum is most likely due to prostatitis. the inflamed prostate will usually cut off circulation to the penis. that was the case for me.

Why, pnb, have you recovered?

Symptoms improved after taking medicine for prostatitis?

hi cepo.

Sorry, but I speak badly English, so I am going to write in Spanish and to translate it with google.
I am the person of whom they speak of the forum in Spanish who has the cold sensation of in the testicles and glande.

In my case they gave to nitrofurantoina 100mg me, not to find bacteria in tinkles it, but that when doing to me a espermocultivo and find leucositos to me, that can indicate something of infection.

What if I can say to you it is that the cold sensation of in the testicles and the penis, is because the prostate this inflaming, and that presses the arteries and the blood does not flow.

But surely it is that you have symptomatic prostatitis, that single detects by the symptoms although the analyses do not demonstrate anything, since reason why law, is commonest by the ingestion of finasteride.

So it sees urgent the urologo, so that it treats to you and chronicle does not become

here I leave the Link you of the pursuit of my case, in case it interests to you to follow it. A greeting and sees urgent the urologo.

Hi cepo.
Sorry i speak bad English. Saw your forum today,realise my prostatis symptom on year 2007
is exactly same as your,cold and wet feel most of the time,…the wet and cold feel made you want go to wee! discomfort feeling like you drop down 10flooor from a lift!! Only better feeling time is after shower or in a morning in a bed when lied down!!
Is your symptom gone by now??? and how?? Did you see a Urologist??? And what type of prostatis did he said??? What medicine did he gave you??
Sorry i mention that to you after you had it since 2007, but you are the only one i found on the website had the symptom like mine!!!PLEASE HELP!!!

Did this resolve for anyone? I have the same ice cold scrotum 11 weeks off…going nuts here

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I’ve been looking on google for ages and this is the only thing I have found about cold balls!

I developed cold balls some time ago … sometimes I notice it more than other, I’m not sure if it’s intermittent? My balls go really cold! I know they are supposed to be cooler than your body temperature but not this cold… my GP was baffled when I told her, I also have ED which she thought was psychological… I don’t wake up with an erection…

Has anyone had similar problems?

I’m 33 years old :sob:

I have the same problem, but I don’t have erectile dysfunction.

My balls were measured by an Ultrasound and they came out to be on the smaller side of average. I’m wondering, like mentioned earlier, if it has to do with a lower level of testosterone whether that be from size, age, mental state, etc.