Cold and Flu Medicine as a Quick Fix for Mental Sides

I didn’t sleep well last night and I felt rather shitty today. Also, I woke up with a sore throat and a aching body. It wasn’t that bad, but I had to do something tonight, so I decided to take some cold medicine, which content must be more or less like the Tylenol Flu pills (it’s a pharmacy brand, but it has the same presentation, with yellow pills for daytime and blue pills for nighttime). Well, not only did it stop the flu symptoms, it also helped a lot with the problems associated for me with the lack of sleep.

Before the medicine, this is how I was:
-Extremely tired, almost prostrated, thinking I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym
-Difficulty speaking and interacting with people
-Tensed and feeling of being aimless

After the medicine:
-Not tired and decided to go to the gym
-Almost a certain easiness speaking and being with people
-Anxiety lifted

I’m considering using this flu medicine when I’m in too bad a condition to face some important social situation. Sometimes, just the fact of being able to speak more or less normally changes everything.

I don’t want to be negative but from my own experience I have some input to give here.

It is not the flu medicine that is helping you here.

Well, it is but it is the actually being sick part allowing for the medicine to enter the body and do it’s work and at the same time doing wonders for your symptoms.

Try taking it with no flu symptoms present my experience is it will bounce off like from a wall.

The only times I have felt anything like before is when I was really sick and had to take medication only to see the symptoms return with my illness symptoms going away.

It’s fucked.

This remains my biggest point of interest in this all.

What causes my body to block everyting and what lifts that blockade during illness?

Even a headache or toothpain works. If there is something, I take a painkiller and my body allows it.

If there is nothing and I take a painkiller it only worsens my symptoms.

I know you are just looking for anything that will improve this hell we are going through…but I’d stay away from pain killers, firstly I believe they can be addictive and secondly cause sexual sides, ie erectile dysfunction. Personally I’d try and improve your sleep not medicate the next day. My sleep is terrible too. What I do is take 2 magnesium tablets 30mins before sleep, this calms me, I usually wake about 3/4 hours later feeling wide awake so take another 2 magnesium, then I can get back to sleep until about 6am this is when I take 3 ZMA, I go through this fucked up pattern every night, but my sleep is much more satisfying now, and I feel OK when I wake most mornings, and none of these supplements can be considered too bad. Hope this helps and you get better soon.

I was thinking about it more for exceptional cases. Let’s say you have a job interview and you only got 2 or 3 hours of very bad sleep and can hardly hold a conversation. Natural supplements will not save your ass in that kind of situation, but flu medicine might.

You don’t need to take 10 pills either. Yesterday, I took only 2 pills and it was enough to function. Let’s say you do that once every 3 months when you have to face a critical situation, would it be that bad? I just think it’s good to know that something will work if you are in such a predicament.

I tried magnesium in the past without any results for sleep, but I’ll try it again to see if I’m more lucky this time. I noticed that my reaction to things changes over time. For example, apple cider vinegar used to wake me up and gave me energy, and now, when I take it, I get tired and groggy, so I can’t take it at the beginning of the day anymore.

I never took it while I was healthy. Maybe you’re right. I guess I would have to make a test.

I’d stay away from painkillers they gave me erectile dysfunction while on fin and If you look online people who don’t take fin still suffer from sexual sides from some pain medication.

Are you doing any exercise? even going for a walk can help with sleep.

I should mention that I was thinking it was the pseudoephedrine that was doing the trick, not the painkiller drug that they put in these pills (see the different ingredients here: … -cough-flu)

Check the Wikipedia article, pseudoephedrine can be used “as a stimulant, or as a wakefulness-promoting agent” (

Just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing. Actually, I had a very bad experience with Advil (ibuprofen) and wouldn’t recommend it for someone with PFS. For me, it was a symptoms amplifier. I can also think about another painkiller that I had to take which destroyed completely my progress at some point. I really wouldn’t advertise painkillers.

I’m going to the gym almost every day, and jogging if I’m not. My sleep is better than before, but I still have these nights when nothing can put me to sleep.

Were you sick when you took the ibuprofen ?

I had a hangover. Actually, it was kind of a test because I used to have a girlfriend who was taking it every time she had drank too much the night before. I didn’t feel great that day, but I was still functional and decided to see a friend. After taking the two capsules (Advil Gel), I began to feel so bad that I only stayed with my friend half an hour. I was so tensed that it was very difficult to tolerate people around me, and my brain fog was so overwhelming that I was almost incapable of controlling what I was thinking.

It’s probably different than if you have a virus, a big infection or something broken. I might be wrong, but the way I see it is that in those cases, your body puts itself in a crisis mode and uses its resources differently, which might explain the temporary disappearance of PFS symptoms. I don’t believe a hangover is enough to put your body into a crisis mode. Anyway, I’m just guessing here. The point is that maybe I had the bad reaction because I wasn’t really sick. Either way, the experience was bad enough and I wouldn’t take the risk of taking it again.

You are very correct

The crisis mode is very real and yes it does wonders for our symptoms

To me that is the key to my recovery

Wat happens when you are sick and how can you emulate that

What did advil do to you?