The use of cocaine is an interesting one and almost definitely related to our problem. I say this for a few reasons:

a) The first time i took cocaine post fin (about 6 months off) I had a complete sexual recovery for a whole night. I was bloody horny and had sex 4 times that night.

b) One time i took too much cocaine pre fin and i couldn’t get it up for a whole night despite a really hot girl and her best efforts. It was a rather embarressing night.

c) If i took too much ecstacy in one night (all pre fin, i don’t intend to take again) my penis would shrink in the days that followed

All very interesting but I’ve not a clue what it all means…

Wtf chi, why are you against people using weed, this stuff is far worse for you.

with weed comes a whole lifestyle + it’s smoking too (unless ur cooking it), coke is just a one off bit of fun. in any case i won’t be doing either in the future

here’s a dude who did ecstasy and had weird penis problems afterwards… not the only one i’ve read:

No offense but, who cares?

They never took Finasteride, you’re comparing apples to oranges which is pointless, ultimately cluttering the forum with unrelated conditions, which add little value.

Hard flaccid, no morning wood, little sex drive… very similar to what’s going on with PFS. Although they never took the drug, it is not out of the question that they both have similar origins.

Not, its unlikely they have similar origins because they never inhibited 5AR/androgen/neurosteroids like we did and are not suffering from Post-Finasteride Syndrome.

Therefore, the root cause of their issues likely cannot be the same as ours, because they did not undergo the same drug therapy. They may be suffering from “similar” symptoms but the reasons for those symptoms have nothing to do with 5AR inhibition and therefore, their problems are not the exact same as ours.

Someone taking cocaine or ecstasy is affecting their brain/body/pathways in a completely different manner than what we did with Finasteride (inhibiting 5AR2/androgen & neurosteroid deprivation). The source of their problems will therefore likely be different.

That is my opinion but feel free to investigate other people’s issues and try to correlate them to your own, bottom line is they never took Finasteride so they were not affected in the same way we were.

I see where you are going here. Because Ecstasy, for example, isn’t a 5AR2 inhibitor, then you think it has no similar application to what is going on. Even though people who have taken ecstasy suffer from very, VERY similar side effects. So the question is… what the HELL is going on, right?

However… there’s some interesting correlations between ecstasy use and something related to our purposes here that I’ve randomly been reading about the past couple of hours. Basically, ecstasy releases more acetylcholine in the brain. Someone may need to confirm this, but I believe masturbating also depletes acetylcholine in the brain as well. Anyway, I know that when excessive amounts of testosterone need to be turned into DHT because of masturbation, a lot of acetylcholine needs to be used up. And it’s pretty clear to me a lot of people on this forum “crash” or get worse after a masturbation session.

No, I don’t know the exact mechanisms going on or anything like that and you are right, 5AR2 inhibitors are a special case without a doubt. But I do see some interesting correlations between these neurotransmitters. I have also found that depleted acetylcholine can result in bad short term memory, no passion, lack of joy…

Where are all these ecstasy victims? do you have some links?

I know a lot of people that take MDMA/ ecstasy with no issues at all. I have tried it myself.

Extasy has been linked to cognitive deficits and most recently severe sleep apnea where study participants stopped breathing during sleep. It has been linked to damaged delicate nerve endings or filaments. It doesn’t mean everyone that takes extasy will noticeably damaged for life just like everyone who takes finasteride doesn’t immediately develop ED or notice how it alters their body. (not quoted here)

BTW, the rate of moderate to severe central sleep apnea was higher than that which occurs in obese individuals.

I posted a link earlier in this thread as well.

I would have never ever expected to get this far. I tried cocaine yesterday but no improvement in libido or other things. Just increased heartbeat and numb body.

I live in a country where it’s hard not to do coke. It definitely drives up my libido, horrible for depression though

I have tired coke, MDMA and amphetamines…

ALL are excellent for libido… NONE fix my main problem… ED…in fact make it worse…if that is possible.

It is great being horny… but not great when you physically can not do it.

If a pharmaceutical drug that is properly compounded and has a legitimate regulated dosage did this to us all….
Think how risky it is snorting something up your hooter that’s come off the street and you have no idea, what’s in it, where it’s been and what the exact mg dosage is.

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@Forwardsnotbackwards You are absolutely right but in desperation one tries everything possible to feel better even if it is just temporary.


I hear ya!

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