Clumpy ejaculate remedy

This has been my first symptom of this shit and today it’s definitely the most persistent one, or at least the most objective issue (not necessarily the worst). Basically almost everytime I cum I produce low amount of semen with clumps or wirey chunks in it. It is like it miss the prostatic fluid component which could make sense since I relate all my other symptoms to some prostate issue.
Now I’ve searched all over the internet about this problem but there’s no much discussions on how to treat it. But I’ve read a couple times about people who resolved it with antibiotic. Does anyone here have this side and has been able to reverse it?
I feel like it’s a key one in my case and I have to do something about it, I think I’m gonna pray my Uro to give me some strong antibiotics even tho my cultures are clear. But first I’d like to find some more evidence

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