Clomiphene Success Stories vs TRT?

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First post here.

I’ve read all the past posts on clomiphene citrate, and I was just wondering (since it’s been a while since the last), if there are any new clomiphene success stories?

I’m 38, and I’ve struggled with symptoms for years (the usual - no sex drive, no hard-ons, lethargy, depression), even though I do everything by the book. I eat well, exercise, meditate daily, etc.

I’ve been on clomiphene for a little over 1 week (25 mg a day), and I’ve seen quite a big improvement in my mood and libido.

The issue is, I am nowhere near the clarity of mind and general well-being that I was at for a week after first (and only) testosterone (250 ml) shot. Despite the mood and libido increase for clomiphene, many of the symptoms still remain.

Also, I’m feeling like I might be having a few sides with clomiphene already (night sweats, dry eyes, and pain in the nuts).

Basically, I just want to feel my best. My issues started after a short run on finasteride. I was wanting to avoid testosterone because the lifelong commitment kinda freaks me out (I also travel a lot, which could be a bitch with it) but I felt great for a week.

But if I need to, I’ll just jump on it again. My first was a shot my doc suggested I try.

Total T bloods over the years have ranged from 330 at the lowest to 606 at the highest, with about 450 being the average. I feel the clomiphene has definitely raised it, even though I’ve not had bloodwork yet.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

I was on TRT for over a year, it was good. But since I had to inject every 2 days (I couldnt tolerate high androgen peaks so I had to split my dose to avoid crashes, also helps with estrogen conversion of course) I got really tired of injecting and so I stopped TRT and started clomid + nolvadex. It worked great for 2 weeks. Then I slowly got worse, it seemed that even clomid + nolvadex werent strong enough for me to achieve a Testosterone level like on 200mg T/week. So I stopped and went back on TRT again.

Has test work for you long term?

Clomid was an absolute disaster for me. Raised my T, but killed all remaining libido and made me impotent. They also put me on anastrozole but that didn’t help. Luckily, all reverted to normal once I came off. I wish I understood why it was so awful for me. Might give a clue to what would actually help.

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Lots of people with PFS react poorly to increasing testosterone. Not sure why but it’s almost like a “less is more” type thing with some of us.

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But it isn’t all testosterone. I later did HCG which provided benefits.

Maybe it was the increase in estrogen? I dunno. It’s all guessing without blood tests I guess.

Thanks for your replies everyone :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m finding it interesting the vastly different responses to clomiphene. Again I’m only 7-8 days in and really getting good results. The question is, will they last.

clomid is crap imo its better to stay low T than to go clomid or other anti estrogen route… trt works for first couple of years but eventually you run into problems that you will not be able to solve while staying on it

The hormones LH, FSH, and estradiol are very important for libido. The human body does not just need testoserone for libido–it is only one part of it. Since taking T is going to shut down the LH and FSH, libido can suffer. Many guys have had some success with clomiphene since all the hormones get raised, not just T.

No one feels good on Clomid. Literally almost no one. I don’t care what it does to lab results… the reality is I’ve met maybe 1 or 2 people ever that felt better on Clomid, most feel like a crazy person.

You’d be better off taking Testosterone and HCG if you want to increase LH/FSH in addition to T. However, a lot of docs are finding that the “backfilling the pathways” BS isn’t really true and HCG doesn’t really help with that and/or it’s simply not necessary. It DOES, however, help to increase estradiol which can help libido for sure (to a point), so I’m not totally against HCG, but I’m not a huge fan of it either.

Some people love small doses (like 100iu) of HCG to help with libido, some people absolutely hate it. I feel like crap every time I try it.

hCG is probably superior to Clomid but harder to get, costs more, and needs maintenance like refrigeration and mixing, I think. Clomid in small doses for a few days helps me feel some things, and some symptoms lessen. Too much Clomid for me increases estradiol and negates everything.


Maybe. Though estrogen isn’t the evil gyno dick shrinking boogeyman body builders used to think it was. Lots of them don’t even use AI’s anymore and feel better because of it. Of course, we aren’t normal so who knows for us…