Clomid Prescribed- please advise


Before I explain anything, I want you guys to know I did read many many many of the previous threads detailing people’s experiences with clomid. I can’t find a consistent answer, so I’m posting my questions here.

I just picked up a script of clomid from my pharmacy. I want to know what I can expect, how to dose it to get the most out of it.

Will it help restore body composition? Will it help with sleep? Visual lust?
What is the best way to dose it so as to not over do it? Daily, weekly, monthly?

Does it fix brain fog? Working memory and long term memory?

Please answer quick. I’m not in a good spot, and I know clomid has made it worse for some people. I’m looking to dose it as little as possible to have as long as an effect as possible, even if it goes away. Just to springboard me into a better routine so i don’t off myself. I have been on wellbutrin the past two weeks, which i guess gives me a boost of energy, but not much else. Any advice would be appreciated as to what exactly clomid did while it was working, after, anything. Please.

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Hi, I will probably not be of any help but I am probably will offer Clomid from my endo very soon. I heard it was an option. I asked a French PFS fellow sufferer who has some background on treatments.
Did you get your Clomid from a doc or endo? BE VERY CAREFUL with dosage. It can fuck you up. A young guy in France ended up badly with high doses of Clomid… Watch out.
I was told that side effect could be depression. If you are depressed watch out as it could have the same effect as Fin : worsening a anxious state and you don’t want’ that…
That is what I know from it. I don’t want to sound a party pooper but since I might be offered Clomid, I have asked for info THIS TIME. Being fucked once is enough…

What’s a normal dose man? I wa prescribed 50 mg every other day. Is that too much?

I took clomid for about 6 weeks along with DHEA. I took 12.5 mg EOD. I had testosterone in the 700 range beforehand and it brought it to 1200. Estradiol didn’t increase surprisingly (stayed at 25).

It made me more energetic, stronger in the weight room, and better ease of erections. Side effects: nips got tender, oily skin and hair, anger, sadness, moodiness. It ultimately didn’t cure my symptoms or make them go away. Libido was unchanged, maybe higher. So I came off.
No change in baseline from clomid.

Watch out for moodiness. Remind yourself you’re taking clomid if you find yourself moody. I personally think 50 mg is way too high. I’d cut back to 25 mg EOD and go up/down from there. I don’t have memory issues right now, so can’t comment on that. Don’t really have brain fog, but I do have anhedonia to a good degree. It didn’t change those, unless you count the moodiness.


what about spontaneous erections? or erections in response to visual stimulus?

Unchanged. No spontaneous erections or erections to visual stimuli. I had to manually do work to get erections going.

I’ve had a clomid cycle on my dresser for about a month now. Been too scared to take it. I was gonna start out at 12.5 mg every other day just to see. My testosterone has fallen below range and my SHBG is through the roof…

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disheartening. any weight loss from the clomid? also any experience with arimidex?

No weight loss. I didn’t monitor my weight, but I remember looking a little bit more puffy from maybe fluid retention. I got prescribed arimidex but didn’t take it because I got PFS from another aromatase inhibitor called arimistane. It also inhibits DHT according to some vendors. Basically, I was scared of taking the AI so I decided to low dose clomid to avoid excess E2 and avoid arimidex unless absolutely needed.

My Clomid experience was basically the same as @Jaime, got a little more moody and a tad more agressive, but the effects wore off very quickly. Only took for around 2 weeks. Didn’t make any change to baseline and maybe even made me a tad worse for a while after.

Thanks guys. Im assuming no visual erections for scott h either?

@Jaime why would arimidex cut dht? Isn’t it supposed to cut estrogens, leading to a greater emphasis on dht? What mechanism are you suggesting cuts dht?

Arimidex doesn’t cut DHT as far as I know. The drug I took was arimistane, which apparently cuts DHT according to some vendors. However, some people here have landed with “PFS” due to arimidex. They are @gents93 and @lowe2sucks . Maybe others as well.

I wouldn’t try Clomid… just saying. Have you try Tribulus protocol? You should try the safer ones first i think.

Tribulus only made it worse if anything

Be careful. Clomid can make your condition worse.

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No help in visual erections. The only thing that I can honestly say has truly helped me in regards to all symptoms was doing a carnivore diet and working out. You could do a Keto diet as well and probably get the same effects.


I’m going to see dr alan jacobs, i think, instead of dr goldstein. much cheaper, and its here in new york instead of across the country. has anyone been helped by him? any advice?

Quantumfaith worsen and took his life because of that drug, RIP.

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Exactly. Rest In Peace, friend.

Because of clomid?