Clinical Study of PFS Launched at Baylor College of Medicine


I emailed Dr Mohit Khera.


Thanks, didn’t mean to sound confrontational I’ve just read so many claims from people with no evidence to back it up. All of us speculating nonstop and no one thought to just email the guy and ask. Props to you.


Did he sound optimistic in his response?

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I didn’t ask him about the content other than if they looked at AR changes and up-regulation, which he commented they did look into the androgen receptor.

I emailed him back in August last year and he said:
The study has completed and we are now in the data analysis and publication phase and should be released in 1st qtr of this year.

And emailed him again last week for an update to see if it was all completed which he said:
It has been submitted and is being reviewed by journal

We will have to wait until it is released, I am guessing we will probably see it within the next month or two.


Awesome! Hopefully their results are helpful as at least a next step


I’m going to be that guy and say let’s just keep our expectations increasingly low. I’m just as excited as everyone but hey, if you’re expectations are low and they find nothing valuable you won’t be too heartbroken, though if they find something or a lot substantial we will be over the moon!


If they don’t find anything valuable by now and after the other studies its either bought off by drug makers or this is not at all what pfs is and they need to look in another direction.

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I’m sure Merck and GSK were watching this study VERY VERY closely. There is no doubt in my mind that if Dr. Mohit made some significant discoveries that exposed big pharma’s negligence they would make an offer he couldn’t refuse, or perhaps he was “working” for them from the start? I hope to God he is a man of integrity and we all benefit greatly from his research.


i think when this study doesnt reveal anything we know that we have to focus on the next studies in europe( melcangi) where merck has no control


Dr. Mohit Khera has accepted money from Merck and Lilly. He was consultant and Board Member at MERCK !!! Do you believe he will report impartially and risk his career?

Serve(d) as Consultant with: Lilly

Serve(d) as Consultant and Ad Board Member with: Auxilim

Serve(d) as Consultant and Ad Board Member with: Merck

Conflicts of Interest: Mohit Khera is a consultant for Merck, a speaker for Lilly


We’ll I guess we won’t know until we see the report. But the fact that Dr. Mohit Khera has partnered with Merck is very unfortunate, I’m surprised this hasn’t been brought up before after all this time.

Seeing as how the Foundation had involvement with this study from the beginning (@awor helped design the study w/ Baylor) - this could just be a false-flag report to give the impression that actual investigation into PFS is being done, but in reality it’s just a way to control the conversation and give Merck another study to point at and say “See? There’s no real truth to PFS, the studies show that the drug has no real effect on AR changes and upregulation.” It could also help explain the insane 5-year wait time of the report, could all the just be a way for Merck to buy more time and keep pushing the discovery of any negligence down the road. The more time they buy and the more confusion they put out with studies, the better their position becomes.

This does sound like conspiracy talk, but when billions are on the line, major drug corporations will use all kinds of strategies.

Of course, I’m jumping to pessimism very very fast. Who knows, the report could provide a huge insight into our issue that will help guide our protocols to a solution. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Can everyone stop questioning the ethics of scientists, at the very least until they have published the results. I’d find it extremely insulting if I’d worked on a project that could help some people and those same people leveled accusations at me.


This Merck consultant and board member news is getting me very worried. Man I hate big pharma. I’m literally having an anxiety attack reading this


We will see. Its hard not to be an advisor to or otherwise involved with large pharma companies if you are active in the research field. This is the real world here, not some fantasy land.


Well, it feels like the mad hatter’s tea party quite often…


sometimes feels like fahrenheit 451 but as pvdl mentioned merck is one of the biggest pharma company so the most researchers are engaged with them, i think we should wait till its published before we are so negative


You could even go a step further and say that if you are not somehow involved with a large pharma company you probably arent such a valuable researcher. Pharma companies are always interested in the top people.


All the above are good points, and maybe you aren’t really worth-your-salt as a researcher if you haven’t partnered with major pharma before. I could see that making sense.

Wasn’t trying to be so negative out the gate, but thought it mindful to raise these questions. I’m just as hopeful as the rest of us, and pray this report is helpful in any way possible. I’ll reserve any judgement until the actual report comes out.


lol when your first conspiracy theory fail (study won’t get published) just keep making up some more!!!

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I would be very careful with estimates like that, because as we know we are already about 3 years in delay :frowning: