CiteDiagnostic criteria for enduring sexual dysfunction after treatment with antidepressants, finasteride and isotretinoin

Anyone can see this?


Diagnostic criteria developed for PSSD, PGAD, PFS, and PRSD (aka PAS).

Now just need to get the medical profession to acknowledge these conditions exist and get the conditions included in the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases). This is a good step in that direction. Nice find!

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I tried to buy the full article but it returns some error after I enter my card details.

Edit: Never mind now it worked.

So I just read the full article and not to much new when it comes to PFS. But any recognition is good recognition.

But it’s really scary how so many drugs can cause the same type of sexual dysfunction.

Tetracycline antibiotics being one of them, something I don’t think many people would connect.

They also talk about how persistent sexual dysfunction after SSRI was first reported in the late 80’s but it wasn’t until 2006 it was described in the literature. Talk about a disconnect.

Reading about the new diagnosis they want to coin, “post-SSRI asexuality” really brakes my heart.

Children who are more or less born asexual due to their mothers being on SSRI during pregnancy or being put on SSRI’s prior to sexual maturity. Poor children getting dealt such a bad hand and having no way (as of yet) to change their fate.