Cistanche - libido boost



I’ve recently started my second cycle of Cistanche Deserticola.
Around four days after taking Cistanche I’ve noticed a strong surge in libido.

The following extract suggest that Cistanche increases 5AR in the liver:

Other guys have had good results with Cistanche:

On my first cycle of Cistanche (couple of months ago) i had strong nocturnal erections but no huge surge in libido.
On this second cycle, libido is definitely noticeable.

I’m going to continue taking it each day and hopefully it will reduce my refractory period and restore libido

If anyone has tried Cistanche, please share your experience here.


I like it. I kinda cycle it from time to time. It increases libido and it also increases my flaccid length, interestingly. I think it’s definitely one of the better herbs.


Guys I would strongly advise that you avoid Cistanche, as i have experienced a bad/persistent case of diarrhoea after taking it (a known side effect).
I will need to see my doctor now.



I have stopped taking Cistanche now but the improvements that I gained have stayed with me and my baseline has improved.

The protocol which helped me was:

1) Fargelin tablets
For blood flow issues.
I took Fargelin and cycled it with “Himalayan Pilex” and had good improvement in blood flow from this combo.

2) Lugols iodine
For thyroid function.
1 or 2 drops of Lugols iodine in a glass of water, first thing in the morning.
Once or twice a week if needed.

3) Avoid coffee/cappucino
For healthy blood, I drink tea instead.

4) Kalms Day tablets
Taken regularly throughout the day this will help to promote good sleep and reduce stress.

5) Boost DHT slowly
I took crushed sorghum seeds (5AR booster)
Only 4 or 5 crushed seeds in any one day to start with. Seeds can be crushed using a mortar & pestle.

I cycled this with Cistanche extract (another 5AR booster) but had to stop taking the Cistanche due to stomach upset and diarrhoea issues.


Did you have blood results that said you had thyroid issues? I’m hesitant about taking thyroid supplements as my bloods are normal but I have thyroid symptoms



Yes i did have blood tests to check thyroid function.
The results were normal but like you I still had the symptoms of poor thyroid function such as low body temperature, low libido and fatigue.