Chronic weight gain

Hi guys, I’m looking for someone who can maybe give me some advise. I’m a 31 y/o female with pssd for over 2 years. Since the onset of my PSSD I have had considerable weight gain, I used to be a very fit person who ran almost every day and since the onset of PSSD I’ve probably doubled my weight which is a symptom that is affecting me mentally a lot. I developed thyroid issues (which don’t get better with thyroid medication) due to the SSRIs along with the debilitating fatigue, neuroendocrine alterations, increased appetite, apathy, all of this is causing me to gain lots of weight. If I could really restore my metabolism and loose some weight I would be less hopeless and suicidal than I am atm but I don’t know what can help me since this condition is very complex and the anhedonia and cognitive impairment is making it extremely difficult to exercise or research what could be wrong with my metabolism.

If I could solve my anhedonia, fatigue and weight gain I would be very happy, Sexual side effects aren’t a priority I just want my vitality and figure back !

Any advise would be much appreciated, thanks a lot

I’m sorry that you’re struggling with this experience.

Over the years, I’ve had difficulties with weight gain, fatigue, anhedonia, etc. I’ve also been very fit at times and hope to get back to that place. I’ve made some progress, but not nearly as much as I would like to. My ideal weight is probably 180 lbs. I was up around 225 lbs last year at my worst. I’m down to about 195 lbs now, but I’m annoyed at myself for not kicking it into gear and accomplishing my goal.

I certainly can relate to how weight gain can have negative effects, mentally. For me, my motivation, energy levels, cognition, quality of sleep, confidence, mood, etc. are all affected. I’ve made some progress in recent months, but it’s frequently two steps forward, three steps back, it seems.

Did your diet change after the onset of your PSSD? For me, when I’m stressed or bored, I just want to eat. And when I’m fat, I am prone to feeling stressed, depressed, and anhedonic. Then, once in the pattern of constantly being anxious/depressed/bored, I just want to constantly eat.

I’ve also had significant success with fasting. 7 years ago (when I was 30), I got into awesome shape and kept it shape for a few years. It wasn’t until my life fell apart from a traumatic experience that I started gaining weight.

Fasting is one of those things that sounds daunting, and can be very difficult for a day or two upon starting. But once you actually start doing it, it becomes quite habitual. Noticing positive results in as little as a few days, it can really help to boost optimism and motivation to continue toward your weight goals. I’ve also found fasting to significantly reduce inflammation, increases mental alertness, among other things.

In some ways, it’s a tough subject to discuss because there’s a lot of resistance to fasting from various sources. There’s a strange insistence by some upon completely false idea (like that you go into “starvation mode” and stop losing fat when you fast).

If you want to discuss it further, and/or want a buddy to motivate each other toward weight loss, feel free to reach out. I know I could certainly use a kick in the butt these days.


There’s nothing you can do about it…See some of my earlier threads here.

@holyhead Why be so explicitly discouraging to someone who didn’t even take the same drug as you? Why waste a minute of your time trying to destroy any semblance of hope that might allow for actual positive change to occur for this individual?


Hi @pssdperson,

unfortunately there are no established treatments for this condition and most of the associated side effects whatsoever.

To change this, we will need to raise more awareness of this condition and initiate more research. The staff are currently discussing several data based scientific studies with expert researchers. We have a survey that is the single largest data source for PFS, PSSD, PAS and other patient groups. The more data we have the more powerful it is is and the higher the probability that data analysis will pick up on important signals.

Please participate in this survey. Particularly with regard to PSSD and female patients, more data will be highly valuable. Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

Thank you and good luck,

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Ignore this @pssdperson

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damn my life is really ruined :,(

Don’t give up yet. Epigenetics can change if you change how you live or what kind of environment you’re in.

If you start working out regularly (esp cardio) and get a good diet model I’m sure you’ll improve your physique a lot!

@pssdperson, I can empathize with that level of despondency. But this individual is chronically negative in their responses to everyone. Don’t latch on to their negativity.

Keep in mind that fasting is a way of resetting the mind and body. It encourages cell regeneration and healing, and it known to have positive effects on hormonal balances. The first few days are really hard. Like allowing-yourself-to-just-sit-with-a-massive-headache-for-48-hours hard. But if you come out on the other side on the path toward achieving your goals, it’s worth it (and then some). It becomes so much easier after two days, I swear.

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thanks a lot for the encouragement @roy1 :slight_smile:

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How are things @pssdperson? Any improvements? Or motivation/hopefulness?

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Not yet to be honest :confused: how have you been?

Sorry to hear that, but it’s understandable. These things are persistent. And extraordinary patience is required for the symptoms and also for ourselves.

For the last few months, I’m dealing with constant stress and drama surrounding an illness in the family, while also starting a new job at the same time. I have a hard time being strict about healthy habits when I’m stressed out. So in many ways I’ve been stagnant or regressing with weight gain, depression, anxiety, alcohol use, etc. It’s not easy.

And the last few days my cat has been sick :-/ I should take him to see a vet but no one is accepting new patients.

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that sounds very hard I’m sorry you’re dealing with so much at the moment, @roy1 I really hope things get better in your family and that your stress decreases, I relate to not being able to maintain healthy habits when stressed out.

I am also really sorry your cat is sick :slightly_frowning_face: and I hope he is able to get medical attention soon

He ate a few treats just now and came out to be next to me on the couch :slight_smile: so that’s a good sign.

I’ll stay with him and monitor him today and if he doesn’t keep improving I’ll bring him to a vet ER. But current wait times are 6+ hours upon arrival, plus the drive, which would stress him out terribly. So I’m glad he’s shown some signs of improvement.

He also sat on my laptop for a minute (which he knows he’s not allowed to do), so I’m glad he’s still got that rebellious nature in him, haha.



omg he’s so cute! I’m very glad he’s showing some improvements!! I really hope he keeps improving and that you don’t have to invest all of that time taking him to the ER. So cute!

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