Chronic Sore/Hoarse Throat

I stopped taking propecia after being on it for 2 years with no side effects. Family urged me to stop because of a number of scary articles about permanent side effects, so I did. About a month later, got a sore throat that has never gone away. It’s not a sick feeling sore throat, but limited to my vocal cords mostly when talking. If I talk a lot all day, I’ll have resting pain at the end of the day, but otherwise I don’t. It’s every day without fail. Seen a number of ENTs, docs, etc, - heard acid reflux, post nasal drip, partial vocal cord paresis. Tried multiple treatments for all of them with no luck. Been 3 years now. Anyone experience something similar? Have success treating it? I also experienced some sexual side effects about 6 months after stopping, but those eventually went away. Have struggled a good bit with sleep, and got great results with acupuncture.

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You dont have pfs i guess.

@nyphl do you still have the sore throat issues?

Last seen Jan '15.

Perhaps send a DM and hope he gets an email notification.

Hey buddy I have sore throat to, I find out mine are from tonsil stones, have you checked this ?