Chronic Prostatitis issues

I have chronic prostatitis since my crash. it became better but its still there. my doctor found nothing. any advice ?

How the hell they can’t find anything? Have you seen several doctors? It’s probably due to lack of DHT, as you know, prostate needs proper levels of DHT hormone to function properly. Correcting those low levels would work in theory. Have you tried Proviron? Maybe give it a try 25mg for 2 weeks? The all risk and choice is yours in the end. Im just suggesting.

only 1 doctor. i had a urine test where they found nothing. thank you for the tips bro ! its just so strange that it started after i „crashed“. while i took finasteride no prostata issues. also my bowel movement is strange now. always thin and a bit orange. i know it sounds crazy but its true. the only sides i dont have are the physical ones like pimples in the face and hair color change. like grey hairs and so on

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ive got the same issue more or less, been to 3-4 urologist, have done ultrasound and bunch of other tests, they couldnt find anything, bowel movement is not consistent sometimes its normal sometimes its weird and thin. let me know if u find any sort of relief

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Do you also have general body skin insensivity? I mean the tickle feeling when you touch yourself or from somone else, have you also experienced this skin numbness? (im not talking about penis here)

i dont know really. but its definitely a different feeling when i touch myself. it feels a bit numb and strange. numb is the wrong word but there is nearly no sensitivity and it feels awkward. i dont feel comfortable in my own body anymore. before pfs i had my erogenous zones but now they are away. i feel more/have more sensitivity when i touch my breast as when i touch the area around my penis (under stomach, penis , the erogenous zones)

do u have lowerback pain? ive got this lower back pain after my crash

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yeah back pain in general ;/

I would look into Pelvic Floor Therapy. Apparently a lot of people with loss of penile sensitivity and prostatitis are able to recover from Pelvic Floor Therapy.

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