Chronic pain and discomfort in testicles

Hello everybody. I hope you’re doing well
First of all sorry about my English but I will do my best to explain my problem
I have chronic pain and discomfort in my testicles and sometimes in my penis for 19 months. Left testicle is always painful but right one sometimes. pain is constant and 24/7 and doesn’t respond to any pain medication or cold/warm compress. I also feel the pain in my groin and leg and sometimes in my pelvis. Also it seems that the left testicle shrunk to the top and hangs above the right one. I used propecia for 2 months and when this pain started I discontinued propecia but pain didn’t go away. I did blood and urine test and everything was fine but ultrasound showed two small spermatocele (Left & Right). what do you think? is there anybody who experience this? do you think it is because of finasteride?

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Yes it is because of the finasteride. I have the same thing.

@Nate95 for how long? does anything help?

Likely due to pelvic floor tension / CPPS. GABApentin might help. Our GABA-a is not working due to low allopregnenolone. Focus on meditation/mindfullness and reverse kegels and anything that helps stress (rhodoila).

Possibly pudendal neuralgia.

@Pedi95 DM me and we can talk via email if you want. One of the replies said our gaba transmitters were damaged or not functioning properly. He is right on the money. I can tell you what I tried and what helped.

@moonman1 I think you are right on the money about gaba transmitters. Can you point me to any research you have done on the Internet? I had severe testicular pain when I went off of finasteride. Gabapentin has helped some, but a benzodiazepine has worked the best. It also worked for insomnia, anxiety and some other things. As you probably know benzodiazepines work on Gaba transmitters. I can tell you when I’m on a benzodiazepine I have zero testicular pain. When I try to go off, the severe pain comes back, along with the anxiety insomnia and so on.

Research showing it effects allogreg?

Yes please

Have you tried pelvic floor therapy?


no not yet

@moonman1 Thanks