Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

Hey guys,

Anyone suffered from prostatitis? I have been suffering from chronic bacterial prostatitis since my crash in 2010.

This is by far the most disabling of all my sides. Constant pain, frequent urination, cloudy urine etc.

I am suspicious that it is connected to bad digestion and/or maybe even candida (which I heard that we’re not allowed to speak of in here).

Been taking loads of antibiotics but new bacteria keeps coming back. I even tried digestive enzymes, cranberry supplements, probiotics, prebiotics but nothing seems to work.

Anyone who has any tips on this? I am desperate.

Wish you guys all the best.

Kind regards,
Morten (from Denmark)

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I probably do. Sometimes I’ll have spells that last maybe a week or a few days (not entirely sure) where my urination will be more frequent, more frequently cloudy, sometimes pain in the perineum especially during bowel movements (sorry for being graphic but I think it’s relevant). I’ve also had on and off burning mouth syndrome, which I’ve heard can be caused by bacteria irritating the nerve for your mouth/face.

“I am suspicious that it is connected to bad digestion and/or maybe even candida (which I heard that we’re not allowed to speak of in here).” What aren’t we allowed to speak about here, and why, if I may ask?

idk what would cause recurring bacterial infections. A weakened immune system? I currently suspect I may have psoriasis, which would be a shocker as I know absolutely no one in my family who has ever had it. Psoriasis supposedly is caused by a dysfunctional immune system.

It could be digestive as well. I’m pretty sure my gut biome changed (for the worse) sometime after stopping finasteride. idk why this would happen, but that can have a whole host of effects downstream.

I have the same belief… I have never been diagnosed with prostatitis, but I have undiagnosed pain in my groin (right side) kidney (right side) testicle (right side) and pelvis (right side) for the last 5 years. I have been diagnosed with Leaky gut syndrome, and I do have high levels of E coli in my stool analysis… My theory is that this bacteria is somehow leaking into the urinary system causing these prostatitis like symptoms every few days.

Exact same theory here!

Have you done anything to manage your leaky gut problems?

Can’t really find anything that my digestion. Tried a lot of different stuff during the years.

Most of us yeah, a friend of mine one pfs sufferer and another is roicouttane sufferer they had been confirmed prostatitis by uro, also me diagnosed prostatitis as well. I think mine sexual problems due to prostatitis.