Check ingredients of everything you consume

I took one melatonin on 9/04 that contained .35 mg of active Vitamin B6 that I did not realize. This has been by far my worst crash. Not only does my dick feel like a detached finger but I have had a profound sense of derealization, complete anhedonia, severe insomnia, cognitive issues, severe numbness, severe shrinkage, no sense of hunger. I pray everyday I can recover from this but please guys even something as innocuous as melatonin please be careful.


That’s horrendous @PSSDsufferer, I’m so sorry that’s happened. Thank you for taking the time to warn about this.

After the primary destruction to one’s life this disease causes, one of the secondary, life-altering ripples many patients have to deal with is the sometimes-maddening level of caution that is required to navigate through things which were innocuous to them prior to developing PFS. Every hand wash, food, shampoo, drink, deodorant, drug, moisturiser, supplement and much else between has to be reviewed prior to use lest it contains something which might leave me with head pressure for the rest of the evening, worsen brain fog which feels like a block of wood wedged into my skull or cause fatigue so energy-sapping I sink into the couch all day, later having to heave myself up like an old man when standing from a sitting position.


Sorry mate 2mg of melatonin nearly finished me off over a year ago. Hopefully you will return to your baseline soon. B6:is like a cluster bomb, .some of us are so sensitive the list can be unbelievable and lots of things have rogue shit in. It’s very hard to stay away from everything, nigh on impossible.