CHD8 role in AR gene expression


Hello fellas.

I just read about the protein CHD8, which was never mentioned on this forum.

I wonder if this protein plays a critical role in why the gene expression of our ARs are messed up and if there is a way to alter this protein to effect gene expression:

" CHD8 is required for androgen-induced cell proliferation

Our results indicate that CHD8 is required for the optimal transcriptional activation of the TMPRSS2 gene upon induction by DHT and that CHD8 is required for the appropriate androgen-responsive recruitment of AR to target promoters. Therefore, it is likely that CHD8 plays an important role in androgen-dependent cell growth of LNCaP cells."

Any thoughts?


Nice study. There are hundreds of possible genes/proteins that are candidates for interacting in the AR signalling pathway in a way that might underly PFS. Too little is known to speculate with any confidence.


Thanks for the reply. Hopefully the studies will shed some light