Changes in the whole body (aging, wrinkles, subcutaneos fat loss)

Has anyone been cured of this? Is it possible to use growth hormone? My body is a complete wreck, I have lost collagen, subcutaneous fat and sebum from all over my body. My skin has no shine and has a dull colour everywhere.

This has to have a solution. The symptoms generated by this syndrome are very diverse and logically nobody is going to recover the quality of their skin or the fat lost with proviron cycles. You have to be realistic.

I am starting this thread to share solutions to these physical problems.

Let’s discuss growth hormone and other therapeutic options.

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Same situation here. Lost collagen, sebum, subcutaneous tissue, bones density, hairs…

Every time i tried to hormones manipulation, i worsened my situation. Be careful


There are a few of us with these symptons, for me its one of continued loss even my cheekbones, eye sockets knee caps, spine and more are degenerating/under attack . Unfortunately there are no fixes for this the only thing would be a cure. Trichostatin was boiught to my attention recently. This could be a future treatment for the full range of pfs symptoms. I doubt its readily available or that anyone with pfs has had the opportunity

What do you mean, please, Lazarus?

That looks like it would do further harm. Of course, we need to focus on commercially available things.

Clutching at straws mate I don’t have answers I often frantically search for anything that could help.

I have this worse and worse. I shudder to think what I will look like in a couple years but frankly I don’t think I’ll make it that long


Sleeping on a quality pillow, with a silk pillowcase. Getting sleeping wrinkles daily. My whole face is deforming. Tried retinol and it made me waaay worse, its almost unreal how much it worsened me. Tried BHA and AHA, zero help. Basically, nothing helps, tons of things worsen my skin.

Try hylaronic acid - our body’s should naturally make it up but I reckon we don’t have enough of it due to our conditions.

It’s so gentle, that I can only assume it would be beneficial for you rather than make your skin worse.
I like using it.

Tried it, no sides but no help as well :confused: