Change your brain, change your life - how to increase brain health & function

Saw this infomercial for this doctor’s book, “Change your brain, change your life” on TV.

Despite coming from a background in psychiatry and the obvious promotion of his book and clinic, as well as some skepticism about his use of SPECT brain scans to aid in diagnoses ( ), the tips he provides for increasing brain function and health, preventing memory issues, Alzheimer’s etc are certainly worth considering.

Here are his “12 steps for a healthy brain” … lthy-life/

Here are video clips where he talks about natural ways to protect, maintain and increase brain health and function:


Recommended brain health strategies:

  • Omega 3s (fish oil): supplement 1-2grams per day (good for heart, skin, joints, brain, hair, memory, depression)

  • Excercise, sport to increase bloodflow and neuron growth & production

  • Diet: you are what you eat, so eat clean and healthy (no fast food)

    • lean meats (poultry, fish)
    • complex carbohydrates (green veggies, veggies in general) so as not to spike blood sugar
    • decrease bad fats (trans-fats, saturated fat)
  • plenty of water daily, avoid dehydration

  • 100% multivitamin daily to counter imbalanced diet

  • 6+ hours of sleep per night minimum

  • avoid brain toxic substances: drugs (in our case, Finasteride), smoking, excessive caffeine, alcohol

  • lose weight if obese; obesity doubles your risk for Alzheimers

  • learn new tasks that involve coordination (dancing, table top tennis, learn an instrument)

  • engage in regular lifelong learning (educational activity, classes, stimulating jobs) and excercise minimum twice per week, to delay possible onset of Alzheimers

  • work your brain by doing crossword puzzles, sudoku games, reading & telling someone what you read (works memory)

  • minimize brain injury risk (head injuries… wear seatbelt, drive safe vehicle, wear helmets that fit, don’t participate in contact sports, eliminate excessive alcohol intake, eliminate smoking)

  • think positive thoughts, not negative

Recommended brain healthy foods:

  • avocados (in moderation)
  • blueberries (antioxidants)
  • brocolli (contains folate)
  • decaffeinated green tea (contains theanine, helps you relax and concentrate… lower risk of Alzheimers)
  • oatmeal (control blood sugar),
  • oranges (vitamin C)
  • red bell peppers (vitamin C)
  • salmon (omega 3)
  • spinach (B vitamins)
  • tuna (omega 3)
  • turkey
  • walnuts (omega 3)