Change body consistency

My hormones were never not normal as I know…I found nothing affecting it other than clomid, try and baking soda…But did clomid affect the actual condition or just make u feel better because of increasing testosterone in general? Probably the latter…

That’s so strange because my hormones are seriously screwed up.
Estrone is 92 (15-65 pg/nL)
Estradiol is 12.7 (7.6 - 42.6)
SHBG is 120 (16.5 - 55.9)

Like what the fuck man I’m seriously fucked up.

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I took Saw Palmetto for 2,5 days, currently fucked up over 2 years. Playing with hormones turned out to be disastrous for whoever is trying to do so…

like hormone therapy or other supplements?

I’ve not tried HRT, yet… considering it, but to be frank, I am a bit scared to do it as there are mixed results as I can see in this forum. As for the supplements, mixed bag too… People crashed and got worsen from stuff like Vit B12, K2, D3, other herbs too. This condition is no joke, the body does not function normally anymore…


Which herbs notably have made people worse?

So did you change your habits? If so you cant be sure its some physiological change that made you lose your gains. I have PSF and I cant tell any real difference concerning my physique, maybe I have more stubborn fat on my stomach, but thats about it, my strength is more or less the same too

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Yes I changed my habits out of PFS fatigue. But that didn’t come until months after PFS when I accepted I needed to stop working out to be non-fatigued.

After the crash, my strength and stamina declined exponentially. I also didn’t have a pump or vascularity. My appetite also declined, and it was next to impossible to eat 3000 calories a day during the bulk I was attempting.

So I think fatigue made me lose my habits which caused me to lose gains. But strength, energy, endurance, pump, and appetite were also immediately reduced after the crash. I used to run about eight miles about once a week before PFS and normally 2 miles a day. I almost fainted during a non-intense workout immediately after my crash.

It’s sucks, but I ain’t quitting. Working out has always and will always be my best anti-depression and anti-“piece of shit” weapon. I’m trying to cut ten pounds right now, and I’m running more. Also, I just started boxing and punching the bag which is great stress reduction :smiley::smiley:

Slow and steady may help me here.

Has anyone else here experienced full body skin/composition changes? Like rubbery, different, less sensitive skin over the entire body? I don’t even know if losing fat, shrinking tissue is an option for me anymore. I’m still lightly jogging and trying to do bodyweight exercises, but it’s like my body rejects it. I get extremely foggy and disoriented when I exercise, and my muscles get sore and tight very very quickly. It is like complete exercise intolerance.


I got worsened from Vit K2, few other guys too. There are reports here of people crashed after using Licorice root, Sorghum, Creatine etc. Basically what ever directly boosts or inhibits something could be harmful for us, but it depends on the people too. AI is really dangerous for us too. There are other stuff that could get us worse, probably it is good idea before taking something to research if it has been taken from someone in this forum, and see if there is negative or possitive feedback.

I see an endocrinologist this Wednesday… I’m taking my skewed bloodwork and my history (EEG, MRI, eye Exam, etc) with me…What do I tell her?

Tell her the truth, what happened with you what did you take before you crashed. Fingers cross she is not one of those docs that will tell you it is in your head…

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I’d give anything to have a normal body again dude, even if it meant being skinny or normal looking the rest of my life. Just not this…

Does anyone else have exercise intolerance? Like when you walk up stairs or do any kind of jogging, you get very foggy and disoriented mentally, and your muscles spasm like crazy?


I know, bro. It sucks. But you’re still less than a year out from original crash. There’s good chance your body can make plenty of changes your body will make for the better. That was the case for me. And in regards to your exercise intolerance - yeah I had that. I got super fogged up mentally, and I still do if I go super hard. It feels like I’m close to fainting and I can’t think. It’s gotten better but I’m 2.5 years out.

What concerns me is the total body change man, like an androgen shut down… Like metabolic and endocrine systems have completely turned off. I’ve had constant nipple burning, nipples have completely changed, and my skin has gotten very soft and rubbery. Muscles hurt constantly. Even standing up in cadaver lab cutting into the bodies, my neck and back spasms up. It is so frustrating because I haven’t really come across other users on here that have had the same thing. Everyone is different and battles differently with this damn disease and that’s what makes it so crazy. It’s heartbreaking man because I hoped I would heal and get better with time, and it’s been the complete opposite. It started off with just the cognitive shift, then generalized weakness, then poor circulation, now it’s just a cascade of ALL of these things. Nothing has gotten better.

I get so angry at people just living normally, being happy and successful. I shouldn’t feel like that and it’s wrong, but I just haven’t come with terms that my life is drastically different now, and it looks like I am going to have to leave the old Damon behind. I can’t accept that man…

Yes it’s fucked up hard but this comes with time. U get less and less shocked by this whole situation.

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Good times.

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Erection lvl?

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