I’ve been taking chaga mushroom for a couple of weeks and I have huge improvements with mental sides. I saw an immediate improvement, but I wouldn’t be able to tell if you get even more improvements over time because I had a very complicated schedule these last weeks that would have made my life difficult even without PFS.

These are the symptoms I saw important improvement with:

-Difficulty interacting with people
-Difficulty speaking
-Bad memory
-Incapacity of feeling emotions

I was taking a bunch of supplements before to be able to function, but I stopped almost everything because I didn’t feel I needed the other stuff anymore. There’s just two things I’m still taking regularly: reishi and lion’s mane. I know reishi is a 5ar inhibitor, but I don’t believe it works as fin because I have normal hair loss when I take it. I’ve been using it because it helps with sleep. I stopped it twice for stretches of 3-4 months, but life became completely unmanageable. The last time the exhaustion was so unbearable that I just wanted to end it all. In the case of lion’s mane, my impression is that it’s not a strong 5ar inhibitor. I’m not advocating the use of reishi and lion’s mane, I just want to mention I use these in case it makes any difference when you use chaga.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the brand I’ve been using:
I didn’t try any other chaga brand, but I know that for reishi, the brand changes everything and some brands I tried were completely useless. Mushrooms are not just chemical compounds and it’s important you get good quality.

There’s maybe two negatives things I can mention about chaga. I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact that I’m a lot more relaxed than before, but I noticed it’s more likely I will forget things I have to do if I’m not careful about it. It’s not a big deal, but I see a difference with how things were before. The other thing is I tend to get very angry sometimes. It might be the return of normal aggressiveness, so maybe it’s not really a negative thing.

I forgot to say, if you have sleeping problems, take chaga at night. I began taking it in the morning and it was helping my sleep, but it helps even more if you take it a bit before going to bed.

Thanks for sharing with us!

I wanted to tell that I’m now feeling more or less normal with chaga. I crashed in 2004, so it’s hard for me to tell what’s normal, but I would say that mental sides are all but gone. The only thing is that I have to be careful with some things that weren’t a problem before. For instance, a heavy meal with lots of French fries will definitely make me sluggish. Drinking will also give me problems the next day.

I realized afterwards I had forgotten to mention supplements I was still taking. When I began taking chaga, I was still using ZMA for sleep. I was fearful of stopping it because I had depended on it for the last six months (I tried it before that, but without any result), but one night I forgot to take it and I felt I slept even better, so I decided to stop it. I’m still taking the other two supplements I didn’t stop after beginning chaga, which are omega-3 capsules and apple cider vinegar, but I don’t use them everyday and I don’t think they make such a big difference.

Maybe I should mention that I’m still doing intermittent fasting with a 4 to 6 hours eating window and don’t intend to stop it. It is also worth mentioning that daily exercise is not absolutely necessary as it was before because I don’t need it to be able to sleep anymore.

Sexually, I don’t know if chaga can be of any help, but it doesn’t have a negative effect.

I would like to try this, thanks for sharing. Did you experience improvement with sleep pretty immediately? Sleep and exhaustion are the two big things still very present for me. Much of the rest has improved.

Yeah, I saw a difference right away for sleep, even though I was taking it in the morning, and as I said, to improve your sleep, it’s even better if you take it at night. It had an immediate effect on symptoms, but they also kept improving. As for exhaustion, I saw a difference right at the beginning, but now, I can say it’s not even a matter anymore.

Hey, grabbed some of this. Hadn’t noticed much of an effect, but I also drank a little. What dosage do you take?

What brand are you using? Could be the problem because for me, the difference is like day and night, as if the switch had been turned on. I’m taking 1 g a day. I tried to take 2 g and I felt kind of overwhelmed during the day, but sleep was very deep and restoring that night.

Today i ordered the powder form of chaga. Couldn’t buy it anywhere in the shops. I think i will use it as a tea. And if it is not that tasty than i will use pills.

Any update?