Center for Sexual Medicine (PA/NY, Dr. Gittens)

I stumbled upon the ‘Center for Sexual Medicine’, with offices around Philadelphia and New York City. They are one of the only groups I have seen to acknowledge PFS, and claim to be able to treat it. Perhaps worth a look. I am trying to book a consult to discuss PSSD.


I wonder if they recommend a similar protocol like Dr. Goldstein

Interesting, thanks. I may give them a try in the coming months.

I haven’t posted on here for years, but am unfortunately still dealing with various symptoms.

On this website they have a dedicated page for PFS, which is interesting. Further to OP’s comment, I’m interested to find out how this clinic has “successfully treated” our condition. However, as I’m in Australia I doubt I’d get far communicating with them.

Any active users from NY?

@Greek @axolotl thoughts??

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Hi @east, I‘d send them an e-Mail, some doctors actually do offer online consultations. However there should be some folks here from or close to NYC that may share some experiences/ideas.

Meanwhile, could you please take the survey? The admins put a lot of work in it and we need everyone to further advance our common cause. Thank you very much

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Nice to have you back. Please do not stop sharing your opinions.

I made an appointment for Friday, I will post a follow-up. For other people who are interested, his rate is $300, and does not take insurance.


Yeah let us know. I’m a bit skeptical of anyone that says the can treat PFS as the current research does not seem to reflect that. I’d be curious to know what their treatment protocol includes.

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I call it a bs…but to be honest, they didn’t claim to have found a cure…They only said, they „treated successfully“, which in medical term can mean anything…Even those pathetic curves of newly and state of the art pharmaceuticals, that can treat cancer, are in the eyes of doctors a successful treatment, if they lengthen the suffering, and pain for another 3 or 4 months…I think most of pfs patients would feel better, if they had the feeling, that they are being taken seriously by someone, and that might turn into a little relief of symptoms, which is a „successful treatment“…But hey, an old saying from my culture, follow the claimer till the end of the world, and see if he is telling the truth. I wish you luck my friend, but i wont be in any kind of way tolerant to anyone trying to use our suffering as a tool to make money…I already spent 1200 dollar on literally 2x15 min doctor appointments, who „understood“ me, but offered no treatment whatsoever other than the good and old TRT…Dr. Gittens if you are reading this…Please consider that this is a serious condition, and you can easily ruin your reputation if you misuse our community.


I just finished my consult with Dr. Gittens. I felt relieved that he was willing to hear me out. Most of have had nothing but negative experiences with physicians. Reaching out for help and being told that your condition isn’t real is just crushing. He said he treats a lot of guys with PFS and definitely understands how much they suffer. He also said he is often the last stop for people who have tried going to every other kind of doctor with no success, something that I am way too familiar with.

He sent me to get some lab work done and I will get an ultrasound. He is planning to investigate neurological, endocrine, and physical causes. Overall I got a very good vibe and I would be comfortable recommending any of you to try at least a consult.


Good to hear. Was it an online consultation? I’m curious to know as to how they would be able to prescribe certain medication or refer you to blood tests, scans etc. If you live in a different country? Is that possible?

Are you going to see him in person then or will you get examinations done and he would evaluate them and recommend therapy within online consultations?

I don’t know, but I don’t think that you can practice medicine across countries. but he doesn’t take insurance so I really don’t know.

he gave me an order for lab work which I will go get taken, then into the office in person for the physical exam. subsequent visits will probably be online due to COVID.

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You’d think there’d be a protocol if he claims to fix pfs. Running all those tests seems like he may not know the root cause.

Hey how did your treatment go? Did you ever get better?

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I didn’t see him again, I wanted to exhaust my other options first. His consult fee is very expensive and I imagine many of the treatments wouldn’t be covered by insurance. I’m a grad student so I just couldn’t afford it. I made significant progress through other means but still am not 100%. I will likely go back once I am more financially stable.