Census: Waking up with morning wood

I would like to make a census of who have this peculiar symptom:

A friend of mine and I will wake up every night after sleeping only 3-4 hours, either with an erection, while getting one or right before getting one. It’s linked to insomnia. It seems nightly erections are linked to us waking up at night after just a few hours of sleep and after that it’s hard to fall asleep if we can sleep again at all.

I’d like to know if others have experienced the same.

Please share your experience if you have the same symptoms.

If you don’t have any morning erection but still wake up after 3-5 hours, please also share your experience.
You may still have the trigger mechanism and it wakes you up although erections are not triggered. It’s just a theory but I’d like to know if others have had the same experience.

Thank you.

Not sure I got it.

Anyway, most days I wake up with a morning wood. But they are like 50-60% of what they used to.

Good for me I don’t wake up in the middle of the night that often anymore.

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You’re right, it wasn’t clear. I just edited it to make it clearer: Do you have insomnia where you sleep just a few hours and then wake up with an erection (or none if you have lost your morning wood).

Thank you for your reply.

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At this point in time my sleep is quite neat. I fall asleep pretty easy, and the majority of th etime I manage to sleep at least 7,30 hours. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night often, and when I do is usually for 1 or 2 minutes, but I haven’t noticed any coincidence with erections.

Aside from this, and just to post something positive, lately I’ve experienced that sense of “sleepiness” that naturally results into sleep. So, finally I have days when falling asleep isn’t a decision.

maybe try safe drugs that raise prolactin block dopamin
i tried chlorpromazine for just few times it made me dream the 1st night at 25mg but i read about bad side of it so i stopped (bad drug not as bad as ssris). dont know what to try any more …if i sleep all things improve. but i only sleep once a week. i will kill to try ghb but cant get it :confused:
i have fitbit linked to cardiogram app bad night have avrg heart rates of 70 sometimes more
may be adrenals are involved ,but i bet on the Nerv system also waking up is the body saftey mechanism to survive
good night

last night

I have an erection at morning almost every day.
Some days I have to wake up because i need to pee. Then i go back to sleep. Other mornings I just wake up with the alarm, and also with an erection. I thibk is very good to have them naturally every day.
Since I think is linked to pee, I go to the bathroom when i feel the need. This way i tell to my body that i hear him and that the erections are more n welcomed :slight_smile:

I can count on one hand the number of “pee boners” or true morning wood that I’ve had in the last 5 years. Nocturnals are a little more common but still rare. It’s strange, but every side effect seems to be getting a little better for me over time except this, and waking up with a dead penis and mild depression every morning gets old fast. I hope one day I get consistent morning glory again. Interestingly, I read a study that found 99% of people who took Cialis got morning wood back.

The first month after crash in 4/21 I never ever had a morning wood again.
I cold masturbate with a 60 to 80 % erection. Some weeks ago starting Bupoprion I had noctual erections and a boner out of my trouthers for two days. I thought PFS is over now. Now nothing works anymore. The same feeling as you @Sawproblemo waking up with a non functional and half numb dick. I have no iron will. I’m bedridden until midday, cause I really hate my new upfucked live. Hope I once arrange with a life as being no man anymore.