CDNUTS protocol update

I haven’t posted here since before I moved and started the college lifestyle so I figured I should update.

You guys will be particularly intesterested in my experience because of certain modifications I have made to the protocol:

No herbs, no cold showers, no nofap

Why no herbs? Because they fucked with my cognitive ability and made me stink. This is detrimental as a piano player and a human being who is forced to sit next to other human beings. Why no cold showers? Because they made my joints ache. Why no Nofap? Because it makes me feel like crap. I fap almost every day.

Despite all of this, I still feel loads better doing the rest of the protocol: The diet, the exercise, the carb backloading, the wim hof breathing, UltraHard cycles, avoiding all xenoestrogens, getting enough sleep, etc.

The point I’m trying to make here isn’t that the protocol is bullshit, in fact, if you’re starting the protocol it’s probably still best that you subscribe to it 100%. I am simply pointing out that the aspects of the protocol that get shit on the most aren’t even the most important parts of the protocol, because I still feel better not doing them. So if you can’t afford to buy 100 herbs, there’s still no excuse not to hop on it because I have experienced genuine improvements.

Signs of improvements:

more muscle mass, better cognition, skin less yellow, facial skin clearer, no dark circles, cheeks hollow again, almost no fatigue, less angry mood, smell has improved, farts smell again, etc.

And I’m still probably only %30-40 percent of where I want to be. But I have faith that I will improve especially as the weather gets nicer. (I tend to do better in the winter time here in Florida)


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