Caverjet Injection

Hi guys

I would like to ask the guys who got erections from time to time.

Did someone try to get a Caverjet injection into the penis? How was it and did it work? How long are you using it?

Yeah I used it. Kind of weird to inject your penis but it’s not that bad.

How it is? Well you inject it and within minutes you got a raging boner. Be careful though, because it happens sometimes that it will stay erect for a really long time.

I almost had to go to the hospital once because my boner wouldn’t stop.

I have used Caverject (alprostadil) and Bi-Mix.

Caverject worked well, but caused major pain/cramping in my pelvic floor as well as pain in the injection spot.

Doc had me try Bi-Mix, since there is no alprostadil in it like Caverject or TriMix.

BiMix worked well, although not as well as Caverject. I really hated having to inject though, it made my dick tender in the injection spot and just sucked. Some guys don’t have this issue. I feared get plaque buildup and eventual Peyronies as that is very common from injections. So I stopped injections altogether after a few months.