Carnivore diet took me from 75-80% to 99% recovery in two weeks..... and then back down to 75-80% in week four

I have read it, and I know one person that declares himself cured taking BHB as demethylators.

Are you referring to moonchild or is there someone else as well?

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I’m going to be trying bhb and butyrate alongside a keto diet at the new year. It I’ll be impossible to start the diet right now during the holidays but I’ll
Begin January 1. Already received both supplements. Will post updates here


I wish you luck, i suggest full strict carnivore diet instead of Keto. The plants and veggies can still cause inflammation in your body. It is not a hard thing to do, you will adapt fast. But don’t cheat and stay strong. I really wonder your results. Hope everything goes as planned. Remember we are the most damaged yet strongest persons on earth with PFS.

@Belikewater (Yeah is it Moonchild or someone else?)


If you go carnivore that I currently at forget BHB, BHB suplements comes with a lot of diferent presentations, use carnivore as a plain base you will not have any problems with digestions at all. But you will have an adaption phase, that will include adapt your body to fat energy instead of carbohydrates and also forget the addiction to sugars. What I recommend is beed or lamb as organic as possible also you can add bone broth and eggs. Chesse is allowed but I dont recommend, also pork and chicken I also dont recommend. Take in account that you must take fat now as energy, so any meat that doesnt have a good a mount of fat is worhtless. The first month is going to be difficulty while you learn etc… but at the end of 3 monh you will be flying at cruising speed. Check information on internet there is a lot.

How long you been into keto/carnivore? Any positive results?

I have been 3 months, lots of benefits, my brain seem more calm and very stable right now.

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@belikewater how is the diet going buddy. Closer to recovery?

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