Carb Backloading gives me an improvement

Hey all.

I have no recovered yet, but I’m on a routine that is giving me some improvements that are consistent so far.

Carb backloading. The idea is to fast for 16-24 hours and break your fast at night (6-9pm) with a bunch of carbs. Anyways, I first did this by accident a few months ago, I broke a fast and tried to eat low carb but when I tried to sleep I gave up and ate an entire thing of oreos. Probably 100g of carbs or more. But the next day I felt amazing.

Now I’m trying it again and I am getting similar results. I feel less angry, lowered testosterone (in the fashion that my androgen receptors are working properly), better skin, Oiler skin, better muscle gain, all by 25-50% I would say. And better libido of course (can’t really tell how much because I’m on nofap, but I definitely feel something when I look at girls now)

Give it a try. Basically fast for 16-24 hours, eat a shit ton of carbs at night time (right now I eat pasta, chips, and cookies, in combination with my normal foods such as nuts and and meat) and fast again the next day.


My routine is this:

Fast for 16-20 hrs, skip breakfast and lunch

At 6:00-7:00 eat a low carb meal, usually meat and dairy. Below 20 carbs.

At 8-9:00 take supplements including iron, vit d, vit c, Niacin 500mg

At 10-10:30 eat a high carb meal, at least 200g of carbs, usually Oreos and ramen noodles. Go to sleep right after.

Fast again the next day, repeat.

With this routine I wake up in the morning with morning wood, an urge to fap, and an oily face. I will add weightlifting into the equation soon.

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How are you doing these days, mate?