Can't feel the urine stream?


Has anyone loss a little sensation in their urine stream? What is the cause of this? I think its a loss of nerve function down there, but i don’t know how and why a hormonal imbalance would damage the sensation nerves. It feels like i pee pretty normal, stream is fine, constant and no stops during it BUT i don’t feel like im actually peeing. The pleasure and sensation i used to get while peeing is gone… it feels like a mechanic action now.

Back then, i held my pee for a long time let’s say, then while after i pee; i was feeling my inner bladder emptying itself out and the whole inner stream and penis felt sensational and good… but now, feels just duller overall… Most weird thing is:

  • I don’t remember this issue when i first got my side effects from Accutane… HELL! I just realize it now!.. after 4 freaking years! Am i just blind and didn’t noticed it or my symptoms just go worse dy bay day and came to a point where i could realize it finally… ?


Yes, almost all sensitivity down there is gone, including urine stream, in my case, thanks to finasteride,


Have you experienced this immediately after crash or years to build up the actual realization? Thanks. Do you have also weak urine stream?


I took finasteride for a week, over a decade ago, and within days noticed lost sensitivity down there. To add insult to injury, even with a viagra induced erection, I can’t tell if I’ve penetrated. That’s how much sensitivity loss there’s been.