Cannabis Oil - The cure for everything?


Multiple sclerosis is a neurological condition and what do MS sufferers use to treat their condition, marijuana. Sativex is the worlds first cannabis drug for the treatment of MS. Watch the documentary I posted. There’s a child with a neurological condition who had taken 50,000 prescription pills by the time he was 5 years old. His father gave him CBD oil and for the first time the kid stopped having seizures and started to live life again. Sativex is the biggest contradiction to date about marijuana and it’s use as a medicine. The government says marijuana is no medicine but then allows a pharmaceutical company to grow weed and sell it as a medication. Marijuana is there for the taking but only if your a corporation with deep pockets for political donations. The trick with marijuana is finding the right strain and the right application to the part of the body you want to repair or improve. I’ve heard it said that if you can cure cancer you can cure anything, it’s just a shame there’s no money in cures.

Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health … f1cGrySErw

A new marijuana documentary based on the University of Madrid and it’s research into RSO

University of Madrid talks cancer and cannabis

I have provided a lot of education on here with links and postings etc but plainly speaking people still choose to be ignorant and act like they know better. If you guys want to put down marijuana then please set up your own post rather than come on here trying to upset others or destroy hope. Your ‘off the cuff’ casual comments are written to upset others, whether you care to admit that to yourself is another matter.


Yea and there is a pot of gold at the end of a fucking rainbow.


No offense but whats the point of this thread?
Do you try it? Do you see results? Or you just believe internet myhts? All i read in this thread people say " what a miracle stuff! Its the cure! This guy and that guy recovered thanks to cannabis oil! "

I dont see any action.


When you make a thread about cure for everything, you open yourself up.


Here is my cannabis oil, it helps me chill and relax, but it didn’t reverse pfs, hormones did, real logical hormones. Though everyone keeps saying how it cures everything, but they always do that when something new comes out


.39% CBD…not even close to RSO.


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I have 3 other strains here, with different combos, I assure you none cure PFS, but they will make you forget about it lol. The treatment for PFS must be hormonal, but it won’t cure it, just reverse it, I have managed to do that.


The only way you can be 100% sure is by obtaining the marijuana and making the oil yourself. I have come across oil in the past and because it wasn’t decarboxylated it was no good for curing disease, so you would want to know if the buds have been decarbed first. Next, you would want to know the extraction method as they are not all appropriate for making medical grade oil. Thirdly, you want a strain that includes CBD and THC together to get full benefits of the marijuana into the cannabiniod system. Fourthly, how you take the oil, what you eat and which supplements you take will have an impact on the absorption of THC/CBD within the body and also how long the oil remains active within the body. There has been much discussion in the marijuana community about purchasing ready made RSO and much disappointment with oils made incorrectly. The marijuana caregivers I know in the US who are treating cancer patients are making the oil for the patient using all the raw materials, I’m a 100% certain they aren’t buying ready made oils from dispensaries or internet sites. It’s important that people differentiate between marijuana the recreational drug and marijuana the medicine, because when it comes to RSO the two are not the same. Thanks for your honesty and posting your information, all the best.


You fucktards! This RsO is total bullshit. Stop with the mutherfucking insanity.


I have medical grade canabis oil, I posted a photo, it’s even packaged, it’s very pure, weed doesn’t cure pfs. I’m sorry but the only way around this is hormonal, the oil I get comes from someone who claims it cures cancer. It’s all nonsense, studies do show thc inhibits cancer growth, but if it was a real treatment that worked cancer researchers would be using it. Please no conspiracy theories about how pharmaceutical companies don’t want to cure cancer. I know researchers personally, they make very little, they devote their lives to curing disease. If there was a disease they would go to the media if some big wig at a pharmaceutical company tried to make it secret.
If you get high enough you can easily think you are cured, if i was high 24/7 I probably would think I was cured too. In reality it’s utter nonsense, the only way to reverse this is with hormones so far that we know of, and it seems I have done what no one else has done yet with hormones.
In fairness I gave your treatment a try snd it did nothing but get me super stoned, sorry…



Why dont you just stop reading this thread? There are threads about progesterone, fungus ca(n)dida, blood transfusion, stem cell therapy, viagra, spinach, tribulus, maca, hrt. I think all of this is not the cure for PFS - cause I have tried close to all of those treatments. At least somebody did. But I never posted in a thread, with certain evidence of succes, that it is bullshit.

If you think RSO is bullshit - don´t destroy the thread, don´t destroy hope - just think what you want to think.

You are insulting everybody (including myself) hoping for a cure…


Dude - you are on the wrong oil, man. That´s no RSO.


You guys are always going to come up with a reason for the oil to not work. Its not nutty enough or you have to take it every other Saturday. That must not be RSO if it didn’t work. :laughing:

This is not and never will cure shit! PERIOD. I am not trying to kill your hope. You need to stop being foolish and move on to something more productive.


Well, I am not telling anything.

But if we stay on mainstream thinking: it is common Knowledge finasterid has no side effects after stopping. PFS is unthinkable. Pharma industry are non profit organizations. And hemp is no real medication.

If you agree with all points you do not belong here. In my opinion PFS is a epigenetic change aka mutation. What does the RSO? It tells mutated cells to die/renew!

That is the reason, why i think RSO “could” cure. Simple as that. I did a lot of research, i cannot explain it more professional cause i am no native english speaker.


Fantastic, you researched something that doesn’t exist. Good job.


MCI, you have to take it standing on your head during a fool moon, then you need to have a circle of salt around you or it doesn’t work, don’t be foolish.

Lol sorry guys I couldn’t resist, well, all treatments should be explored, I agree, no matter how stupid they may seem to us. That way we cover all bases. I have had many call my protocols stupid so I don’t want to be a hypocrite or lose support in the forum


Your protocol makes more sense then this. There is a hormonal component to this, no doubt. I just don’t know if once you fully crash if any of it is really reversible. Xhordog went the rounds with Goldstein so I am sure he has tried hormones. The RSO approach just doesn’t make a lick of sense. Its so easy to dismiss every person that tried it by saying it was not prepared correctly ect. It will really never stop. Self perpetuating stupidity.


And you claim something that does not exist does not cure PFS!

Andyuk and boston did post a lot of great references, scientific documents videos and links about the RSO and medical benefits of cannabis. Thanks for that.


Ok, then why is there always an excuse from you tards when someone actually try’s it and it doesn’t work?


My god! Who tried it? Who?

You have to use the “correct” oil. The rick simpson oil! And you have to stick with it-for 3-6 months…

Du kleines gelecktes Würstchen!

The accutane guys used it for a Long time before they got cured. If post accutane equal PFS, and RSO cures post accutane than RSO may cures PFS.

If you have an own theory, make up your thread - dont mess with this one.