Cannabis Oil - The cure for everything?


So if you are to grow your own, is there anywhere to get seeds from a CBD rich strain of plant?


I dont know but I would love to get my hands on a seed of Charlotte’s web…
Or you can order those from the site I posted. I think they are legit and they are higher then most in CBD.


Seeds? Or do you mean the pastes?


What about Hemp oil?

The website below states this:

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers non-THC based hemp products to be “food based” and therefore legal without a medical marijuana license. CBD Rich Hemp Oil is legal in all 50 states.”

I live in Colorado, but I have a government job. :frowning:

I can’t do THC, but can try a legal version of this stuff. I just don’t know what’s legal or good quality.


Sorry xptriado yeh reggaeseeds looks good. Now, to get some…



Hi guys!

CBD oil from the Netherlands: 0.173% THC 2.6% CBD! This should be enough. … d-oil-10ml

Also, medical marijuana seeds:

This was given to me by a mother of an epileptic kid who says her son is now 4months into the treatment and 3 month seizure free. She said he had trouble sleeping but not anymore. Her english is limited so I didnt understand what were his sleeping problems. And the kid is also on 1:1 THC:CBD oil at night from Grassomatic Med gom 1 seed.

Anyone daring enough in the house?


I saw someone attached a Dixie Botanicals items. I saw many people saying those products aren’t strong enough and prob dont even contain anything of CBD…

Also, I would like to post this image i found of this baby, epileptic.
Top picture: max dosage of clobazam and ketogenic diet. Very high epileptic activity!!
Bottom picture: min dosage of clobazam, ketogenic diet, and high concentration cbd oil. No epileptic activity at all…

I know no one here has this problem, but I was so impressed I wanted to share with you the effectiveness of CBD, which will probably motivate people to try it for our problems. I think I will eventually buy this CBD oil. I’m still in researching phase as I spend so much money already on this and I don’t want to buy just any oil and be scammed.


It’s pretty surprising that nobody tried it yet.

Anyone intend to do it soon?


I haven’t really read through this thread to much. It seems like marijuana changes nothing, so I wasn’t sure why cannibis oil would, but I’m sure you’ve established that earlier in the thread. I live in Washington, so I could probably get some pretty easily, once I have the money.


I haven’t honestly researched CBD and THC enough yet. And part of the problem is that it seems to me the endocannabinoid system is still very poorly understood.
Just a quick search seemed to indicate that in fact it reduces Reactive Oxygen Species, oxidative stress and inflammation, which is amazing, on the other hand CBD,THC,9delta THC, seem to favour estrogen…
Has anyone else researched this better?

EDIT: anyway I kept searching and now I also found evidence of aromatase inhibition, unaltered test levels, neither estrogenic-neither anti-estrogenic effects, 9delta THC competing for E2 receptors…its confusing. In my case I’m curious to try it, becuase of chronic insomnia and other stuff, but I dont seem to have hormonal changes that are evident so I don’t know about everyone’s case…


I found a couple of studies stating that CBD’s answer to sleep depended on the dosage:

  • could be alerting and reduce NREM and REM sleep @ lower dosage
  • could promote SWS while having no impact on REM sleep @ higher dosage

So I’m guessing this depends on the strain you are smoking and how much you smoke.
I personally tried smoking several times white widow strain and can’t say anything really good regarding my insomnia, except that I could have slept 10hours…but unfortunately I’d still wake up tired.


I would 100% use it right now if I could get some. I’m dying to use it actually. I dont know why anyone wouldnt want to use it to be honest.
Is there any way to get this in Australia? Or do I need to take a vacation somewhere?


check how much THC is allowed in Australia and if there’s any restriction on CBD. In Europe I think it’s 0.2% in a 10ml product, which means that below that value there’s no problem ordering it.


THC increases allopregnanolone and progesterone!!! … cannabinol

There is something here too , but i cant open the figures … gures-only


What’s CBD?




I also live in Colorado. I have been leery of weed since I got PFS. Several times I basically fainted after smoking a small amount of weed after I got PFS. I’m not sure what the different strains are, but in my one visit to a dispensary since it became legal I can say that the strains are basically divided into cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Indica is considered the mellow strain that helps you sleep and sativa is considered the more psychedelic strain. I decided to try a indica strain called Recon. I haven’t had a problem with dizziness with it, and like youngbuck stated it seems to give my libido a boost, and help with sleep.

I’m guessing the oil with high CBD content will be somewhat difficult to get since there have been several articles in the paper stating that it is in short supply due to all the people with epilepsy coming to Colorado to get it. I will try to get to a dispensary this week to see what I can find out.


Nice work Badluck. Hope u can get your hands on some.

I find it interesting how there are like 50 threads going on here talking about medications and other junk, and yet this topic gets minimal interest.
I guess you can only lead a horse to water


Why dont you take a trip to amsterdam for a week and try all kinds of oils and weeds? And if you regain your libido back there are some other places you can spend yourtime there.