Can zinc supplementation cause further AR over-expression in PFS-sufferers?


Hi all.

I know there have been some threads about the pros and cons of zinc supplementation, but I haven’t seen this particular question being dealt with (maybe it already has, if so, my apologies).

So if I get it right, zinc is a potent, natural 5ar inhibitor.
Would this mean that it could cause further AR-overexpression among us PFS sufferers since it does to the 5ar, to some extent(?) the same thing as Finasteride?

Some people, like myself, get relief from zinc intake, others feel worse,
due to zinc’s ability to affect 5ar signaling, if I have understood it correctly.

What I wanted to ask is if you think zinc supplementation could cause further damage in both cases, regardless of feeling relief or not?

As always, thank you for you guidance.


I’ve only ever read of one case where zinc caused PFS like symptoms. But I’ve seen hundreds more where it helped. I personally take half a pill every few days.


Hi Moonman.

I do get relief from zinc, at least generally.

But my question is, could this relief be treacherous and more damaging?

If zinc does inhibit 5ar signaling, couldn’t this lead to more Androgen receptor expression, just like when we were on Fin, meaning that once we stop zinc supplementation things would be even worse since we would have even more AR over-expression and then subsequently higher 5ar signaling?


I don’t know that anyone can answer that question objectively. If you limit zinc you may run into other issues with zinc to copper ratio.