Can you just take testosterone shots if the problem is it messes up male sex harmones?

I have long term side affects from accutane. Can harmone therapy help regain my life? Why not take take testosterone?

Its been tried or decades. If it helps, awesome, you never had PFS.


A few people benefit, a few get worse, for most it does nothing.

Unfortunately, a proven treatment will only be found via research. You can contribute to this by taking our survey. People with side effects from Accutane are still underrepresented. Please see here: Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

It’s so difficult to say what will work and what won’t

Yes Northern is right about it working or making things worse or not at all

I would think that after your system levels out a bit I’d you introduced Trestolone and surprise your body with androgens so the receptors can be caught blindsided so to speak and be forced to adapt
The same way they adapted to fin, some overnight
Btw IM NOT recommending you do this. When you experiment you do so at your own risk

I did try High levels of androgens and I don’t feel I responded the way I should’ve. It didn’t make me worse thank God. But I told Jacobs that I was on bodybuilding doses of Test and Masteron to boot.
I should’ve been the Hulk like all day.

It did make me hornier some. SOME. But I would think with my doses I’d be a friggin animal
However a lot for me just made me the average guy I suppose?
Also there may be other reasons why guys feel they don’t respond to Test.
What if your hormones are fine and receptors mostly fine but your dopamine is messed up
You need dopamine to Testosterone feel like it’s working in you. That I know to be true.

But there’s so many factors it’s so difficult to pin point.
Jacobs and others said maybe it a High HIGH doses of hormones for a while to possibly undo the damage. But I think many guys get discouraged and quit after a couple months or so. It may take even longer I’m not sure
Again, do not try this. I risked it because I was desperate and at best it worked partially and I’m grateful it didn’t make me worse


Hi dude! I like to read that there are more people besides me who try things like testosterone, trestolone and more haha.
In my experience, I have been 10 months on TRT with doses of 125mg / week, also 2.5 months with doses of 250mg / week. unfortunately I could not notice benefits in my libido or ED, only my muscles grew more (from what I understand that the androgen receptor was working haha)

I also tried Trestolona for 3 weeks, without improvement either and without getting worse too, thank God💪🏻

I very much agree with your opinion that maybe you can have good T levels with TRT (my free testosterone is almost down when I don’t use TRT) but if neurosteroids like dopamine are not right we may not be able to feel the improvement we want.

currently supplementing with natural L-Dopa and L-tyrosine (it may help my mood💪🏻) in a month I will go back to do a blood test to see T levels without TRT again. I am taking a PCT hcg tamox + clomid to regain my hormonal axis after TRT. It depends on how the analysis goes, I’ll go back to TRT

I want to clarify that both I and my doctor understand a lot about hormones and everything is always controlled (estradiol, SHGB, and more)

I just wanted to leave my experience here, I can see that you understand a little about this;) :muscle:t2::raised_hands:t2:


This may be a dumb question but how do you research that. ?The only thing I know how to to do is google stuff and it usually just gives me an opinion article or a blog post.

I am talking about primary research, not googling stuff. The answer to our problem is unlikely to already be on google. You can only google what is already there. We need scientists to do basic research on this condition in patient tissue and animal models to find out what is not already on google.

Please take the survey!

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That link doesn’t give a survey

So your saying neurosteroids are what cause the mental side affects ? That’s interesting I’ve never herd that before. Where did you find a doctor to help you ? Usually they look at me like I’m crazy and tell me I’m fine or there’s nothing they can do.

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So your saying neurosteroids are what cause the mental side affects ? That’s interesting I’ve never herd that before. Where did you find a doctor to help you ? Usually they look at me like I’m crazy and tell me I’m fine or there’s nothing they can do.

See the first post in the linked thread.

Im in spain, i go to visit 4 diferents doctors during this time. The last one are in PFS fundation. He isn’t treating my neurosteroids, but talk with him about this. Im taking sole naturals suplements for helps my mood, they are L-tyrosine and natural L-dopa. They work for increase dopamine and maybe can feel better, not depressed :slight_smile:
Next week i go to do RMI of my hypofisis. If its good, i want to do test for androgen receptor.

Need calm and no stress.

Are you taking mucuna pruriens? And if so: is it doing something for you?

I took mucuna pruriens recently and no, I didn’t feel anything🤷🏻‍♂️
but hey, it didn’t hurt to try

But was that what you mean with natural l-dopa?

Sorry man, i was confused, i tried macca andina, not mucuna. (I tried a lot of suplementes like Tribulus too) and i was confused right now. When i say natural l-dopa is mucuna! But for now is my first week.
Sorry about that

Thanx for the clarification man! Good luck.

Could you share how much trestolone you injected? I’m curious what the effects of trest will be with TRT and HCG.

You used trestolone with no effect?

yeah you got to get dosage right… too much and ur estrogen sky rockets which will kill libido and hard ons…

then people say take an AI to combat that and then u can kill ur oestrogen then u are really fkd

so u want to take an amount of test that keeps ur estrogen in a good healthy range where u don’t need an AI… 80 to 125mg a week is a good start.