Can you have sex?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but not frequently
  • No

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When I ask if you can have sex, I mean even if you have to use levitra, cialis or viagra.


Complete impotence here for a month. One day my brain / dick connection was disconnected… Overnight as I was getting off the drug. Bloodtests reveal secondary hypogonadism… Don’t know what to expect if any improvement…


Yes but not frequently, no cialis/viagra.

I can do about 10 minutes sex, about 70% erect (now only about 7" and a little less girth) whenever I’ve tried. Girl said it’s been fine and she’s cum but ffs I was previously 8" bang on and used to fuck for an hour.

I should not be complaining, even being that bad I’m one of the luckier ones I’m thinking.


I have definitely improvement in this regard. Used to ejaculate at 70-90% erect and only ooze out, now my penis is back to getting normal hardness 3/4 of the time and length of time to get hard has also improved. My size is just under 7" length and just over 5" around and erection angle at slightly above horizontal. I also have been making precum again and shooting out but this is not always consistent.

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Honestly yes but finding a a good woman is the barrier to it.


What did you do?


I can, but i not always get the erection…it is like my libido has gone and i feel anxious because of that. I always had a big erection just staying close to a girl.

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I went for ‘no’. In the past I have used Viagra to successfully penetrate but I really wouldn’t call it sex. No sensation, no pleasure, no involvement. Plus, the drug always left me exhausted for days afterwards. I have no interest in taking it again. After all, what is sex for? The only purpose Viagra-fuelled sex served was allowing me to make conquests and bolster my fragile male ego. I have no interest in that shit anymore. The only sex that interests me is sex that expresses genuine desire and gives me genuine pleasure, and no pill can give me that back.


Yes. Honestly I recovered every aspect except orgasms. But my libido is off the charts. It was a long way, took me 3 years.

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Heavy resistance training (stronglift 5x5), and Wellbutrin.


How long are you taking wellbutrin? This is one of the things that i always thought it can help the most


12 months I’ve been taking it


I reccomend Ritalin instead of wellbutrin.


Probably if he is not a bad case won’t have problems, but just in case, I want to share that I had a bad experience with ritalin (worsening of symptoms)


It seems a majority of people who voted can have at least some sex.

We certainly are at different levels.

And people who have voted are probably some of the worst cases (because those who are not, don’t even come to the forum too much).

I think we will get a lot of interesting information from the survey, maybe some of it surprising.


Why donyou think it is better? Did you try both?


Wellbutrin strong adrenergic and mild dopaminergic.
Methylphenidate strong dopaminergic mild adrenergic.
Dopamine is better for libido and some alpha blockers (selective anti adrenergic medication) causes strong erections. It is beter to increase dopamine than noradrenaline. And yes I tried.


Did the Wellbutrin help?


Do you keep taking it?