Can u respond to drugs,alcohol etc..?


How many of u cant respond to benzos,alcohol, marijuana,etc…?
How big is population of pfs sufferers that u think has this problem?



i respond to it all, but before this condition i definitely got better euphoria


I respond well.
The real problem are the quick reactions to hormones (insulin, testosterone, thyroxine ecc) that disappear after a while.


I actually over respond to both Alcohol and marijuana. Especially alcohol, 2-3 beers can get me pretty drunk and give me a hangover the next day. Ive been taking .5 mg clonazepam daily for over a year and still haven’t developed a tolerance either. I’m kind of confused by this as classic PFS cases usually get no effect from alcohol or a lot of drugs from what I’ve read.


You’re lucky. I get no euphoria from anything anymore. High doses of sleeping pills usually put me out but tolerance develops quickly. Don’t know how sustainable that is.


I wouldn’t say I feel euphoric from any of these, I just feel the impairment. They actually give me more anxiety than anything.


I think my response to alcohol is largely the same as it was pre - PFS. I probably have less of a tolerance as I’ve barely drunk alcohol in the past 6 months.


Interesting. I have my medical marijuana card and i can’t feel marijuana much on any level. Sometimes after I take my sleeping pills I smoke and it helps me sleep. Sometimes I just get anxiety too. I just wish I had my medical marijuana had been available and I had used it instead of antidepressants, which destroyed me.


I’ve noticed a drastic drop-off in my reaction to alcohol. The hangovers are definitely still there though. Also the same with other drugs. Alcohol in particular though requires a LOT in order to have the same effect it used to.