Can this be Post Finasterid ( 24 years )

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24 170 cm 64 kg
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0.5 mg for 4 days
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4 days
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Cold turkey
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After 1 day
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[ Maybe ] Increased hair loss
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Take Omega and evening primrose oil
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Hello, I also took finasteride because of hair loss. In the end, my plan was that I would try it out first if I got side effects, then first see how quickly they go and then start again, because then I can be sure that these side effects will go away again. That’s what I thought.

In the end I noticed a loss of libido on the 2nd day of taking it, my ejaculate was completely liquid, I had excruciating pain in my left testicle and i felt a kind of sickness so I was very weak and in the afternoon there was a headache and strong brain fog so bad that I was completely sick suit me .

On the 4th day there was also a kind of flickering in the right eye, which is why I stopped taking it.

To distract myself from the testicle pain, I taking Ibuprofen after 3 days. After about 2 weeks all side effects were gone, the brain fog and headaches were gone, the flickering eyes were gone after 1 day. Overall I would say everything was the same as before. Only a dull funny feeling in the left testicle remained, but I didn’t think about it any further. After about 2 1/2 weeks, I got dry eyes from time to time, which manifested themselves 3 weeks after stopping. I still have these dry eyes and the dull, numb feeling sometimes in the left testicle and also pain in the left testicle after orgasm.

My question would be whether it is at all possible that my eye problems have something to do with Fin, since I didn’t get dry eyes under Fin myself, but only after weaned them Off .

My pre blood Test j have linked as Picture under This Text . Thanks for any advice and Help .

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Hi, yes it is very possible.

Please do NOT take finasteride again or any other 5ARI substances including supplements, shampoos or foods as they might make your situation much worse as you might be in a vulnerable state where you can have less tolerance for those now and smaller amounts of them can make you crash (stay away from antidepressants, minox, aromatase inhibitors and sketchy research chemical topicals for hairloss too. Basically do NOT take anything that has inhibitor in its name; You can find names of 5ari foods and sups using search on this forum. Also stay away from crash diets or any activity that might unnaturally quickly rise or decrease the levels of hormones in your body just to be extra sure.)

Many people here have developed problems or made their problems much worse after restarting fin many times.
Also stopping those substances is VERY dangerous especially taking into consideration that you have experienced lasting side effects already.
You can look into my story or many others to see how blessed you are right now.

I hope your remaining problems go away eventually.

PS Most people here have perfectly normal blood tests, so normal values do not mean that you did not experience problems from fin or that you are safe from getting even more of those.


Yes. Its typical. For me It improved with time. Was not only affecting my eyes. Also had dry skin. My face is producing oil again.

And please, stay with good mood and dont stress yourself!

Thanks for answer men , i appreciate IT . Dry eyes destroy actually my Life because i have before allready my Problems with Depressionen and this destroy the Last enjoying aspects of my Life actually .

What was the time , where ITs improved by you ?

Hey Happy to Fight , thanks for your Long answer .
Honestly i have problems anyway with the psyche because I have depression but for years before finasterid. I’ve already taken escitalopram, desvenlafaxin and currently I’m taking mirtazapin, but up to now I haven’t had any effect from mirtazapine, which is why I think I have to stop taking it again. What is the length of time that problems like dry eyes are most likely to get better? Because I’ve stopped taking finasteride for 85 days now. also 2 and 1/2 months . When it comes to hair loss, I’ve come to terms with the fact that sooner or later I’ll probably end up using a hair system. I occasionally used a hair tonic that contained rosemary oil after I stopped taking fin, but I didn’t notice any worsening of the symptoms.

Hi Lukas.

My nightmare started in december. Started to produce oil, and to stop general drynes one month ago.

But my advice is not to set temporary goals based on others. In my case it has created unnecessary stress for me. Everyone has their own process and improvements come unexpectedly and sometimes without even realising it.

Hang in there and stay as positive as possible

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I have just dry mouth now not eyes, but I think the root is similar and it didn’t get better for me right now. I think user Ozeph has significantly improved with dry mouth so perhaps you will get at least a little better. Just be careful with antidepressants tho. I don’t know whether the ones can cause problem similar to fin, but watch out.

Thanks for your advice men