Can PRP for hairloss ruin my improvement?

Hi! Just a basic question. My PFS symptoms are mild now (I had lot fluctiations till now). I still take Cialis for “prevention” but I am having a nearly normal sex life. I can live without ejaculate for 3 or 4 days and androgens dont ruin me anymore. And of course my improvement comes with hair loss.

I went to a hairloss clinic and they offer PRP injections as a stand alone treatment. I mean without finasteride and without minoxidil. The doctor told me that it will not affect my hormone levels in any way. Do you have information about it? Can it affect my blood flown or something? Any opinion is welcome.


Just go bald and get over it.


Why do people have so many obsessions about hair loss?

I don’t think it’s a bad question. @Mistaker I’ve considered it myself, given my hair loss was pharma induced in the first place. I’m currently working with university doctors and well-known Immunologist/Allergist (who believe PFS is real) and we are considering this now. I’ll post when I have more info.

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I think it’s fairly easy, it’s symbolic of aging, messages in media have told people that it’s really important in various ways, etc. Given the choice, I’d have the same hair I had when I was 20, but my experience with Finasteride made me realise how terrible the Fallout from hairloss treatments can be. I’ve shaved my hair off now. When I did it, it didn’t affect any interaction I had with anyone. I actually feel more confident now that I don’t worry about if someone’s judging my hairline or whatever else. It’s clear and on display, I know it, they know it and they know I know it. So what?

I think keeping it short is key, however. It looks terrible as it starts to grow.

It sucks but I would not take any more risks with my health for cosmetic purposes, no matter how low the risk.


Yes, I didn’t follow everyone’s advice and foolishly did something wrong, alas

Thanks for answering. I know my question can be a little irritating here. Things just look different when you feel better. Now I dont need to masturbate before sex and those things, I just get naked and things happen. I am not saying that I am 100% pre Fin but I just wonder “Why I have to go bald if I have new options?” But I am unsure as you can see, I need external opinions.

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I don’t think it’s irritating at all. It’s a great question and considering it’s your own blood, it’s (probably) the safest option. I’d never take any sort of pill or cream again, but one’s own blood, especially someone like you that is recovering. That could make a lot of sense. I’ll let you know what I find out at the University, etc.

From what I’ve seen in real life, PRP isn’t really worth it.

It’s expensive and the results are mediocre at best. Everyone I know who have done it didn’t get much results. Maybe it slowed their hair loss down a notch, it’s hard to tell. But none of them regrew anything that’s for sure.

And you have to keep doing it several times a year. So unless you’re made of money I can’t recommend it.

Thats what the doctor said. “It just your own blood”. I wonder what happen whit the hormones that plasma conteins.

@Cbrandel I thought it works better, sadly. The price is not so high here.

Follow mg lead. A hairpiece


Prp is similar to micro needling but the results depend on the clinic you use and how good their methods are

It’s not going to be a 1 set solution, and you’ll likely need followups

As for if it messes up us more, I want to say no since it doesn’t inhibit dht or mess with the androgen receptor

But take what I said with a grain of salt

I’m so cautious these days that I won’t even use the low level laser cap since it apparently inhibits 5ar


PS I think you’re better off getting a hair transplant from some country like turkey and then using prp as a supplement


Hair transplant would work much better for the amount of money

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I have a “crown” growing but I`m not a candidate for a hair transplant, at least for now. And here in Argentina 3 PRP sessions cost 190 USD and a hair transplant costs 2300 USD or so…

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There seems to be a idea on here that ‘anything that fights hairloss is bad dont do it’ etc
I think we can all agree that it’s the 5ar inhibition that comes with this Russian Roulette risk upon your health, not all things that help with hairloss are gonnna cause the same side effects as finasteride, dutasteride etc
I think low level laser therapy is safe , I’m sure PRP treatments aren’t 100% risk free but find out as much as you can first about potential side effects.

If I ever went bald tbh I’d prob just do the old hair system route like Gary Numan, Shatner etc rather than messing round with other things. Some of them look so realistic now you can’t even tell.

That’s cheap, I forget how affordable prp is outside of USA

Why wouldn’t you be a candidate?

For a hair transplant? Too much hair on my head. Maybe in the future…or maybe a partial transplant

@Forwardsnotbackwards I always find the same list of side effects:
mild pain at the injection site, scalp tenderness, swelling, a headache, itching and temporary bleeding at the injection site. Sometimes I think that I want to find serious sides, just to forget about hair treatments forever.


In that case prp would be worth a shot but it depends on the quality and methods of the clinic

Looking good their Laz, England’s answer to Justin Bieber.


Lol @Scotsman ha ha a rare moment of humour from me.