Can I meet a girl?

I met a woman a few days ago.
She says she likes me and approaches me actively. I don’t have a big heart yet, but I have a lot of worries.

Because I have sexual, mental and physical problems caused by PFS.
I can’t even take care of myself, so I think it’s hard to love someone else.

I’m pushing her away a little because of all the worries that others don’t know.

I’d like to hear advice from all of you who are suffering the same way.
Is this PFS pushing her away, or is it just that I don’t like her?

It’s a thoughtful night. But I have to live with hope.
Do you have any similar experiences?
Thank you.

It can be a little weird using a translator.


Take Viagra and fake it at first. See how things go. You don’t want to be scared for the next 10 years not knowing what would happen if you tried. You’re liable to assume the worst when in reality it would be a lot better than assumed. Also, some girls don’t care about sex nearly as much as they care about other things. Overall, things will never be anything like 100% until research gets done and development of a therapy eventually materializes. But 80% or something is a lot better than 0%


I know that feeling exactly. I am such an irredeemable trainwreck that I can’t imagine even forming any kinda relationship with others. On the one hand, you don’t want to end up hurting people, but on the other hand a new relationship will actually biologically help your PFS if you can get past the self esteem issues.

Go for it.

I have same issue. I actually feel extremely depressed thinking about girls that like me and want to go out with me and how I don’t have the desire like before and have low libido and hit or miss erections.

I will tell you that when I was last in a relationship while still having this condition, life was much better, so I’d say give it a try.

Maybe take daily Cialis for a while.

If you think you may want a relationship with her, I think you should be completely honest with her about your condition. Her reaction will tell you if you found the right one or not.

Yes after you have six with her and after find out whether or not you want to have a relationship you include telling her about that at some stage.

This is the only site that listens to my unspeakable concerns.

I’ve had a lot of practice accepting whatever the circumstances may be due to the PFS.

Thank you all.


yes that how i feel too…what we should do to get the sex drive back again

what about the side effecta of cilias???

i can feel you. from my experience: dont tell her any weakness BEFORE you are a couple (means you had sex. because having sex for woman is like an investment in you).think about it like in economy: will you invest in someone/some company if you knew their handycaps?im sure no.