Can I get my presence back in my body?

I feel like my presence literally left my body. It might sound strange, but before I could feel my presence in my entire body, now I cant feel it anywhere, bur just faintly hear my inner voice. The rest of my body has no soul and feels dead.

My brain cant generate emotions anymore, and when I try to feel, I cant feel it in my body. My body does not respond and is totally dead and empty. Sometime I only get this weird pressure in my head and chest when I try to feel. I cant even feel good after a workout. my body does not get tired and my head just feels strange and empty. My body and brain does not react to external or internal stimulus.

I also feel like my skin is less sensitive, and that touch is more dull. When I touch it it feel strange, and I don’t get tingles or goosebumps. When my arm fell asleep after laying on it too long, I could barely feel it. All the sensations feel dulled down and like I cant feel them properly, and I am disconnected form my body in a weird way.

My presence started to disappear from my body a week ago, and now it is totally gone. There is no emotions or feelings left in my body. I am just anhedonic, depressed and apathetic. Can’t even feel sad or happy. I can cry and laugh, but I don’t feel it in my body. There is no release of the emotion in my mind. I would like my body back.

I have also lost the ability so visualize images in my mind. I was great at that before, but it is fading more and more every day. My inner voice is also fading, and sometimes I struggle to hear it. My short term memory and focus is really bad, and I struggle to access my long term memory.

How can I get my presence and soul back In my body and brain so that I can start to feel alive again?


I have similar issues. It feels like losing one’s soul.

It sounds so similar to me too. One big problem is that the most of us hanging up alone. Lost in a lonley empty parallel universe.


I’m almost 7 months in and I can’t remember what it’s like to feel human. The only reason I know that it’s a lot different is the two brief reprieves I had in the first month that stood in sharp contrast. The first one was after activity, and lasted from late afternoon until next mid-morning when it drained out like someone poked a hole in my brain. The second one happened in bed around 3am, felt like liquid life flowed from my spine and resulted in a completely reverted state which lasted until late morning. Haven’t had another one since.


Last time was as aresult of tea trea oil on a bite. Makes u realise how bad the pfs state is. I felt present, robust, positive, weight in my frame, confident, love for the world, blessed to be alive, keen to do tasks!! Then bang a few hours later back to empty,fragile and distresed