Can Finasteride Cause Penile Curvature and/or Rotation?

If so - by what mechanism?

What cold POSSIBLY cause rotation and curve after stopping the drug!!! In other words - perfectly straight penis while taking finasteride but then curve and rotation after stopping?!?!?! How could the reintroduction of androgen (DHT) back into the body cause physical changes - or is it possibly something else???

There could be all sorts of reasons for this. Probably the same thing that is causing our penises to shrink and discolour.

i’ve researched this like crazy in the past also… someone might be able to elaborate, but i found something about a connection between peyroines and cholesterol, but i don’t quite remember what it was about, i’d have to find where i saw it. but yeah, curvature is something that doesn’t have much research behind it sadly.

Hey bluecloud87, can you elaborate on your discoloration? Is it the skin, the veins, or both?

WHAT in the hell causes them to shrink? It’s not androgen deprivation. Shrinkage occurs AFTER DHT is reintroduced back into the body, not while there is a lack of DHT.

So it seems that you can have a healthy penis with or WITHOUT DHT. Maybe the problem is putting DHT back into system after it’s had low levels for a long time???

Bingo. You’ve just summarized the crux of this entire problem.

So maybe we will find out eventually that in order to “reset” the body’s ability to adjust there needs to be a LONNNNG period of tapering…

It certainly makes me wonder if men who are currently ON the drug (especially those long-term who are not experiencing issues) should remain on the drug until we find out HOW to safely come off the drug!!

I think a good way to avoid PFS should be to taper off 1mg pills down to 0,0625mg (1/16 of the pill) and then take a 0,0625mg pill that we could once more taper off down to 1/16.

In fact, a big problem is there is not any known way now to take less than 0,0625mg Finasteride.

I was fine while I was on finasteride too. I ran out and decided to stop taking it and had a similar experience. Twisted to the left and curved up. It was rapid too.

Same here, curved to the left andca sort of twisted/rotated at the bottom.
No plaques, no high cholesterol.

It seems the curve is almost to yhe left by PDS while by ‘clasical’ peyronies it’s up or downwards