Can beta carotene lead to a crash?

Hey, so I took accutane about 22 years ago and I still have some side effects left. Dry lips, skin, scalp and hair loss. Also gut problems and inflammation.

I took beta carotene in 2012. And this summer as well to get a darker tan. I was not aware of pas and psf.

Now I wonder, is it still possible to “crash” when taking beta carotene? What about retinol on the skin? I was going to buy some topical 2% tincture for wrinkles. Could that act as an dht blocker when you put it on your face?

What about this, any ingredient here you would not recommend? Anything that blocks 5ar or dht or what ever? It’s a hair product from “the ordinary” called hair care.

here it is…beta carotene is found in colorful vegetables… Read my story…
Never took fin/prop/accutane/ssri. Went on severe crash diet and ate a bunch of vegetables, peppers, onions, beans , carrots, rutabega etc, and I believe it fucked me up.

Loss of erections, morning and spontatenous, genital numbness, no libido, low semen volume and force, urinary issues etc… I believe it was caused from the high vegetable diet…As my skin went yellow/orange as well…

Wow dude that’s hard to believe. Especially because you did not take fin or accutane. I took high dose beta carotene from solgar this summer for a month, but did not watch out for side effects. Did not knew it can have any effect.

Did you recover?

No, I gained the weight back for the last 3 years, only symptom that resolved is restless leg syndrome…