Can believers look

what do you think ? if i kill my self, will ı go hell ? I can not stand it. The only thing that scares me is hell. I feel like my right to live has already been taken away. So if I kill myself, won’t God forgive this?

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i had sexual obsesive compulsive disorder already pre accutane. now, I can not stand. I’m too young. I can not work. I can not focus. How will I earn money? How can I be motivated to life? I’m also married. I had a very happy marriage. I hate thinking about the past.

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This troubles me immensely too. If we take our own lives we are apparently destined for hell. None of us are ready to die for some of us living feels far worse. Have you got any close family or freinds you can confide in. Talking does help take the edge off temporarily when its at its worst. Go for a walk, anything to distract from the pain. Focus on anything using basic distraction strategies. Its temporary but keeps you in the game. Look into religion!! often the last stand out of desperation but faith is very powerful when all alse has failed. Ive been at this point for a long time and im still here. One day i believe i i will naturally recover, medicine and science have failed us, time is whats left ‘faith’ something to hang onto. Many have recovered with faith. Not everyones bag i know but when theres nothing else!!! Stay strong


I wanted to live more than anyone else. dying will be bad for me and my family. this is already a huge punishment. why am I going to punish more. suicide is also a punishment. I did not choose it myself. I was not informed. Why am I going to hell if I commit suicide now? suicide is a punishment. hell is also a punishment.


what are you writing

God doesen’t exist

I told believers.

I really understand youre agony. Me myself as a beliver struggel with this question. The bibel is full of people in pain and struggeling. I get comfort by reading the psalms. For exempel psalm 34 and 91. Try to find someone to talk to mybe a pastor. Pm If you like.


@yedek1 you haven’t posted for a long while, but it appears that you are still reading posts here…

I’d like to address your question above.

Honestly, it depends on which religion you have. Simple but true. Example…

I am a Fundamental Baptist, which is basically very “by the book” concerning the Bible. We believe that once you are saved, nothing can remove you from the hand of God.

Now pertaining to your question, the ultimate unforgivable sin is rejecting and denying God. Suicide is not the unforgivable sin. You may be cleaning the stables for a few millennia, but you won’t go to Hell.

That said, even other Baptist branches believe the opposite. So who is right? We won’t know until that moment we pass into his presence.

Or we don’t.

I’m not here to argue about religion, guys. I’m only giving the OP one man’s views on his query.

Maybe others here can share their belief on this? Thanks, Jim

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