Can anyone recommend an Endocrinologist in NYC who knows about PFS


I would like to see where I stand on all my bloods and levels but it would be great to speak with someone who knows what PFS is. Please dont tall me Alan Jacobs. LOL


Bad experience with Dr. Jacobs?


I have read a few stories of how he for one does not take any insurance, charges like $800 for a consultation, just keeps taking tests and nothing ever happens. I have not heard of anyone who has gotten any results from seeing him.


Whatever you do, do not see Dr. Ausiello.


Dr cliff jackness. He will recognize it’s possible. I take testosterone from a legal online provider but I visit him 4x a year to monitor my blood. I’m pretty much recovered but have some energy issues sometimes. He prescribed me vyvanse and Wellbutrin. I use the vyvanse sparingly. If you classify your symptoms similar to chronic fatigue check out dr Susan Levine. She is very open to many unusual cases. I took profecía for a long time and over time got worse. I eventually crashed hard immediately after stopping peopecia. I don’t 100% blame propecia and looked into all options. Dr Levine found some interesting and unusual viral loads from mono when I was a child. They were unusually high. Dr jackness is on the fense about CFS but believed more in the propecia theory. He even suggested from experience that propecia would not be an issue since I inject testosterone and HCG now. I recently had a hair transplant and juggled with using propecia or not using it. (It really protects from massive shedding after a transplant and shock of the transplanted hairs) basically it makes more hairs survive the transplant. I finally decided to risk it and run propecia for 2 months and he was right. I had none of the problems I did when I was younger but it was only for 2 months. I’m not recommending that to anyone but I gambled and won.

I suggest seeing both and they are both near each other on Upper east side. They will experiment. I would not go into either doc crying you have PFS, but instead explain your symptoms and that you think that propecia might be the cause but want to look into everything. These people are in the science field and will approach it scientifically. Write a list of all symptoms down before you go. . Levine will run a butt load of crazy blood tests you have never heard of.


Thanks for the info. Unfortunatley He has a 5 month lead time for an appointment (June). So had you responded when I originally posted this topic, I would be lucky to be seeing him now. But thanks for the info. What I really needs is a Dr. who can get me sleep meds. All these docs refuse to prescribe anything because of all the lawsuits. I’m fucked and cant get any meds to get to sleep. Trying to buy shit from China and my credit card company keeps rejecting the orders. Misery



  1. download Coinbase and move $100 or 200 into bitcoin. There is a few days wait time which I think is law but after the wait you can buy anything from these sites. I just ordered hgh, some Proviron, gabergoline, and selgin from various places. Shipping usually takes a few weeks … all bought with bitcoin. If you start tonight you will probably not receive anything until April because if the wait and long ass shipping unless you find a place that rushes shipping.
  1. If you don’t want that go see Levine. She also will have a wait list. I had serious issues too and She prescribed what I wanted. I tried 4 or 5 different kinds with her. Doxepine was my fav and I slept like a baby for 10 hours but it made me gain weight! She prescribed me all sorts of crazy things but in a valiant attempt to cure me. She wrote a script for testosterone once to try but sadly wrote it for a crazy amount … I decided to go through an online clinic.


Shell I just looked at some of your posts.

Go get on testosterone my friend. Your insomnia is similar to mine. I’ve had 2 sleep studies. Never went to a hospital but I’ve alwats been able to get sleeping pills.

My T was almost exactly your level 5 years ago. My sleep was reduculous. I slowly got better through numerous things. 14 months ago I got put on testosterone legally! BEST decision I ever made in my life! In fact dr Susan Levine prescribed me a vial but she put the script in wrong and for too much … I had decided to do it at that point and just joined an online clinic that ships every 2 months. You only need to be under 400 to legally get it. It’s a long journey but not hard. You sort of have to figure out the best dose of T for your body which takes months (every change takes 40 days to level out because of half life of T. If your interested I’m fairky well educated in most things trt and can get you started. You can quit if it’s not for you but it’s best to try it for 3 months at least to get the full effect!!


This is really interesting. Do you think that Testosterone being low is the root cause of this insomnia? I had wondered if I played with Tribulus a little bit just to get my base level T up, if that would sort of kick start some of the other things in my body to start working properly again. Would you say your insomnia improved directly from your T levels going up?


Order it from somewhere that accepts bitcoin


I was able to order Lunesta, Ambien, Gabapentin and Baclofen… should be here in a couple weeks (hopefully). My intentions (while not recomended to anyone here) are to try to safely cycle these along with Klonopin and Phenibut without building a tolerence to anyone of them. I dont know if there are any cross tolerance issues with any of these drugs so I still need to do more research. I suspect there might be an issue with Baclofen and Phenibut but I’m not sure.


That sounds like a pretty full-on selection of drugs.

Might it be possible to see a doctor to say that you’ve ordered these things and are going to use them, does he/she forsee any problems?


ONo tribulous! I can’t sleep on that crap. All these otc pills are crap. You might get 1 or 2% increase but don’t believe the commercials. Rgere are a bunch of herbs that give you bumps in T but your going to mess with your body and have side effects including insomnia. If you are taking any supplements cut them out now! I had insomnia once for a month and finally traces it back to MSM supplement for my hair. Funny enough another time I had a few weeks of insomnia I suddenly realized it was a topical liquid I was putting on my hair. It contained caffein.

From your tests I want to know your estrogen in an ultra sensitive panel. Mine was very low. Most doctors ignore estrogen in men but if you know anything about TRT, estrogen is really the sex hormone. This is what makes you feel normal and is tied to libido. Drop it too low and your tired and bitchy. You have trouble sleeping. You can usually get an erection but sex isn’t good. If it’s too high you also get very similar issues. Either high or low messes with sleep.

If I were you I’d just go for a trial of testosterone. It’s not going to kill you if you try.
You will have to pay for a blood test. I think it’s like $200ish. You can use older tests but they need your PSA, estrogen ultra sensitive, shbc, T and free T and maybe something else. I doubt your doc is running these. You need to be under 400

To be able to get testosterone legally is what most men would kill for after 40. I’m like 10lbs from a 6pack at 44.

After that, should you choose to accept this mission, they will mail a 2 month supply of testosterone and HCG, probably anastrizole. I’d make sure they don’t mix the anastrizole with testosterone as you may not need it.

From then on you start injecting. I inject with insulin sized needles into my fat so you don’t feel a thing. Easy as pie. I also inject less dosage and more frequently (2x a week) so I do not have to worry about estrogen rising. I preload about 30 syringes and if I need it when I wake i swab some alcohol and push it right in my belly fat. Rarely feel it.

If you decide to do it, you have to give it a 2-3 month try. You can stop which is why you inject HCG wich keeps your balls working. It takes months to figure out what your sweet spot is but 100% BEST decision I ever made. My body transformed in a year! My sleep got better after about 2 months. I stopped taking pills after 5 or 6 (except melatonin). I’m in better shape now than when I was 18. I feel 18. I come home after work and I’m ready to go for a run! Just try it for 6 months. Go to dr jackness and let him monitor you outside of defy.

Defy medical is a cookie cutter testosterone clinic and they are going to give you a whole bunch of testosterone and tell you to go inject 200mg a week. Nothing wrong with that but I only need 120mg. Remember that anyone injecting testosterone that feels bad is injecting too much or too infrequently!

I can give you more info if you want.

Alternatively you can go to jackness. He will start you on probably pure HCG or maybe the gel which isn’t a bad first go around if you want to increase your T. Injections make you feel the best. I’m sure he would also prescribe sleeping pills.


Its really just a backup plan. I have a real fear of having nothing that will get me to sleep. I know its a very bad idea but it make me feel better even if I (hopefully) never have to use any of it.


This all sounds scary as shit. I just read through the TRT thread and there was not one person who claims it helped them and several who said it made things worse. I would really have to thing carefully and do a lot of research until getting comfortable with this idea. I would be heart broken if I didnt respond well and made myself worse.


I’m on trt 6 months in now it does nothing for me, I’m either planning on stopping or try it another 6 months but by now I know somthing should have worked. Hell I don’t even know if I’ll feel worse off of it. My T production might stop all together and im not sure if it will even come back again. My body is so damaged from the shit I took maybe it may work for you, just know there is no guarantee.


Outside of insomnia my symptoms arent THAT bad. I have some vision issues, head pressure… maybe a little ED but I also might just be normal for my age (42) . If I can clear up insomnia, I would accept the rest and happily move on with my life.


I had horrible issues with eyes as well. FYI this is also a symptom in cfs but estrogen issues can cause eye problems. Now I’m really curious to see an ultra sensitive estrogen test.


Aaron what protocol are you doing? (Dose freq etc) did you have low T before? Also where are you injecting? I found sub q the best in my fat.

If you want to quit you need a few months supply of HCG 1000 iu split in half 2x a week. It will restart you balls. You will still feel run down for a week or 2 until everything starts again

Shell’s testosterone is that of a 80 year old man. I think he should go to the endo and discuss it.


I booked an appt with Jackness… earliest appt is June 19th. UGH. Good news is that he takes my insurance and I booked him through ZocDoc. As for Levine… not sure she takes my insurance. I left her a VM this morning.