Can anyone advise of a doctor in melbourne Australia

hi- Is anyone out there familiar with a doctor in melbourne, Australia that could assist me with the side effects of propecia? thank you

I would suggest looking over JN’s posts (username sufferer2001recovered2009 ) he was going to see one of the top endo’s in Australia (where he is located).

This site may be of use in finding local docs… came across it from another ex-Fin user on a hairloss site.

thanks - thats a starting point

Have anyone had any success with docs from ?

I can’t seem to find JN under the members list


Hello everyone just reviving this old thread because I’m looking for pfs aware doctors in Melbourne, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

I went to the ‘renowned’ endocrinologist A/Prof Douglas Lording in Malvern, probably one of the most well-respected endocrinologists in Australia. He pretty much said, ‘sorry, I can’t do anything… your blood tests have come back normal and I cannot see any abnormalities’.

The issue is doctors don’t know what to really do in this case. I mean, even those on the cutting edge don’t know what to do, so it’s important to really temper your expectations.

Oh ok he is quite close to where I am, I’m sure I will be in a similar boat as you but I figure it’s at least worth a shot. Was he at least receptive to the idea of pfs?

He is close to me too.
No, he wasn’t receptive to be honest. He was more dismissive even though I came to him with a list of relevant studies I’d printed off.

Absolutely ridiculous i don’t understand the willfull blindness within the medical community on this issue, there is a substantial amount of literature clearly supporting the existence of the disease especially in the last couple of years. How are your symptoms? I think we are in a similar situation where we only on fin for a very short period of time.

It’s frustrating. Yeh, I only took a quarter of a pill three times. Low libido, brain fog and loss of emotions are the main issues I face. Not really all that physical in my case (thankfully), but the psychological aspects are pretty severe.

I saw your list of side effects - they don’t sound great either.

Yeah i’m in a bit of a pickle, mostly just terrible sleep and some sexual problems which strangely seem to be strongly correlated with my sleep (i have good erections etc the day after taking bezos). Anyway thanks for the advice i’ve been reading through your posts you seem like a positive influence on the forum i’ve found them helpful, I hope we both get our normal lives back.

Thanks for the kind words. I hope so too.

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Going to bump this one again pretty desperate to find a doc who is gonna take my problems seriously. Anyone know of any pfs aware doctors in Australia?

What would you like a doctor to do exactly?

each doctor I went to had no insight or clue -
sorry but I cant offer much help there