Can any of these substances worsen PFS even more?

Hi all,

I took finasteride in order to treat male pattern baldness and ended up with PFS.
I still want to try to keep my hair but I certainly don’t want to take any substances which would mess with my hormones again and possible make my PFS even worse.

In a German hair-loss forum there is a popular topical solution which was developed by one of the members who has a sound knowledge of the matter. It looks as following:

adenosin-------------- 1,00%
thiocyanat--------- 0,450%
pirocton------------ 0,250%
rasberry keton--------0,015%
peppermint oil------0,100%
lithium carbonat----0,125%

I did a first research and as far as I could see none of the ingredients messes with hormones but I’m not very sure since I am not very firm with this matter.

So my question is, do you guys think that I can take this topical solution without problems or is there anything in it which you would consider as dangerous for us PFS sufferers?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

@gerhard1988 Did you end up using it? did it work?

Hard to say. I tried this mix for couple of months (8 months) and my hair status did not worsen but has not improved either.

After that I had the same mix made but with 2% Minoxidil added. I used that also for about 8 months and I would say, that I had better results with this one.

Also my PFS did not get worse by using these solutions. Actually my PFS has gotten better and better over the years.

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Has your libido improved?

Yes, I would say so. However, it was rather a slow and steady process than some sudden and instant spike. Also it is hard to compare to my pre-PFS status because I took finasteride when I was 24 and now am 33 so and there is also a natural decrease in Libido moving from your mid-20s to your mid-30s. But now with 33 I have definitely more appetite for sex than in the early years of my PFS.

From my point of view there can be a natural healing process over time but it takes a lot of it. For me it was about 9 years.

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