Can accutane damage Mitochondrial function within the cell?

I have read this, and am not sure what damaged mitochondria means or causes.

I don’t know you may look up to articles. At what age you took Accutane? I know 2 people who reversed PAS completely with Marijuana, temporary but still indicates our issue is reversible.

18 years old, 20 now and my symptoms are emotional blunting, disconnection, emotional numbness and decrease in cognition. Along with chronic fatigue. I don’t see how marijuana could help with those symptoms This is a TBI (traumatic brain injury) induced by accutane. The shit is rat poison.

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Yeah -yedek1 is my friend and he recovered completely with MJ. It is weird but true. I smoke too, but it only increases my libido but thats all.

Have you ever considered to make proper tests for such a claim? You need to visit a neurologist and ask for proper tests. Please do it if you suspect.

Also if you are concerned for your development, i found a tricky way to rule out any developmental problem, it is actually a very smart tactic.

I recommend you to take Clavicle bone xrays, it takes 30 seconds… The clavicle growth continues till the ages of 25 and luckily we have the data of the average growth by age!,year%2C%20or%201.1%%2Fyear.

‘‘and at ages 20 to 25 years, growth was 1.7 mm /year, or 1.1%/year.’’ On each side.

So, you go to a responsible department in your country and ask for clavicle xrays with measurements included. And wait 5 years and compare the change. Do the math: 1.7x 5.

It is a very easy thing to do to rule out such a horrible possibility. But yeah, you can’t change it unless you don’t take hormones right now if thats the case.

This way you can rule out if your PAS was tissue spesific damage or not. (Systemic)

You have your last chance to do this test, i did this recently and will wait now for 3 years to do it again and compare the growth of my Clavicle.

Im 22 now and crashed at 16. I wish i did this test earlier, now every minute of my life i think what if Accutane stunted my shoulders and other body parts… It is just destroys my mind and sanity, unbearable.

Also do a full bloodtest of hormones and post here if you could. You are still developing take this seriously please. I also recommend a DEXA bone mineral density scan.