Calling for patients & loved ones to speak publicly on PFSN YouTube

Following the success of seasons 1 & 2 of the PFS Network podcast and our patient stories series, we are putting the call out for season three guests. These important stories have received over 165,000 views on YouTube and now rank among the highest search results for finasteride and Post-Finasteride Syndrome. Our channel now has close to 1000 subscribers.

We recently released four episodes as a part of season two. We are now inviting patients and family members to come forward for season three.

It is important that our community capitalises on recent momentum and continues to communicate the accurate and devastating reality about what is occurring to real people experiencing PFS. Our YouTube channel has been instrumental in clearly communicating the accurate clinical reality of PFS, which has helped inform scientific research and regulatory action.

For example, these videos have been used in consultation with researchers and regulatory hearings to communicate exactly what is occurring in patients, something which is sadly not happening at the clinical level.

These stories also alert possible consumers to the significant risks associated with finasteride, and gradually increase awareness in PFS from researchers and clinicians.

They also encourage others to come forward and destigmatise the disease, something which is evident by the great work done on the Moral Medicine channel, which now has over 10 patient stories.

All of these are positive outcomes which help advance understanding and awareness of the disease.

If you are interested in helping, please get in touch.


I highly recommend anyone on the fence about stepping forward to please do so. I went on the channel and have faced no social or professional repurcussions whatsoever. It’s a totally safe and important action to take to move us toward our goal of fixing this horrific situation.

Please get involved. No one can tell your story for you.