Calling all uk guys


Report your side effects here let’s get something done about this

No excuses lets get things moving…


This has to be the best way forward for uk guys
I don’t see any shorter roads than talking to the medical profession directly via this link.


Thanks for sharing Baz. I already completed the form, but it is a good idea for people to report their symptoms to their governmental health regulator in their home country.


Thankyou for replying its good to konw people are reporting long term side effects that persist years beyond ending the use of Finastetide. Don’t get me wrong I do thinks it’s helpful having therapeutic protocols but it’s all a little to DIY for me sometimes you can fix something that’s broken yourself but at the same time we all know when the job is beyond our capabilities that’s when we call for professional help and that’s exactly what we need here.
A glass of honey and lemon isn’t going to resolve things.


I’ve filled it out as well bazza


Here is the forum to report to FDA in the states. Just submitted mine


Thanks just submitted mine too


Great to see we can all be in this together as it’s numbers that is going to make all the difference here .
We all feel alone and somewhat overcome by what has happened to us this really does create a feeling of isolation which just adds yet another blow to the mind.

We have a link to the US FDA too thankyou Pete1989 let’s make use of that link too guys
We owe it to each other to do our best to get to the bottom of this whole lol ordeal that has been dropped upon us.
No doubt there will be thousands of other guys out their in our situation that haven’t come forward yet I’m ashamed to admit that I kept all of my problems to myself for a few years before going to see a GP im sure alot of guys keep it all quiet avoid facing the issues in the Hope it will fix itself as they we are told. .
Together we stand devided we fall as the saying goes.
Stay strong guys lets keep pushing forward towards the answers.


Agreed If we can spend hours and hours on this site, we better have the obvious things completed (i.e. donating, contacting regulatory agencies, participating in studies when possible, etc.)


Agreed :+1:
We need to keep the ball rolling in every way possible.
Luckily more and more professional studies keep being conducted pointing us towards the reasons behind these side effects its only a matter of time.