Calling All Saw Palmetto Sufferers

I have a couple interviews lined up with saw palmetto sufferers and would like to maximise the impact as much as possible by seeing if we can get a few more people to go public.

One of those who is stepping forward is a doctor in the U.S., which I think is quite significant.

Please don’t be shy. You’re not going to lose your job going public, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Let’s really push our momentum now with awareness and fundraising.

Please contact me if you’re ready to come on our channel.


Excellent work, Erik.

Members - I have an active U.S. Government secret security clearance. I’m a former soldier in the U.S. Army. I’ve worked for the FBI and Naval Facilites Engineering Command (NAVFAC) at the Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Going public has had ZERO negative effects on my social or professional standing. You know what has affected my professional standing - POST FINASTERIDE SYNDROME. At least if I’m underperforming at work now I can point to my video (which has 7,000 views now) as an explanation of what I’m going through.

None of this is to brag. This is to defeat the fallacy that going public is somehow career/social suicide.


Consider doing an interview fellow saw p brothers. I’ve done so too. Strength in numbers!


Please don’t get the wrong impression and think I’m disregarding your call @Erik & @Recovery18. I plan on messaging you guys sometime to discuss this matter.

Fellow brothers & sisters of that midget palm tree, take notice.
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