Calcium D-Glucarate / Gilbert's Syndrome

Hey Guys,

Doctor told me I had GS about 4 years into using propecia. Reading some more about this mostly harmless condition that affects 5% of the population.

It seems this causes Phase II of the liver detox process to be slower than normal… Leaving those with GS supposedly more susceptible to toxic reactions to chemicals and drugs.

Maybe this is one of the reasons that can make someone suffer propecia sides?

So, calcium d-glucarate supposedly helps with Phase II of liver detoxification.

Was thinking of trying this… Anyone have feedback on it?

I also read that some liver supplements or certain foods can increase Phase I, but, if Phase II is not optimal it may not help the liver.

I just found out my niece has tested for high bilirubin… Add her to my grandfather on my mothers’ side, my mother and myself, to the list of liver issues. All to various degrees and none of us drinkers or smokers.

Here’s a link on GS… There’s millions of others.

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I’ve been trying calcium d-glucarate and quercetin the last 5 days or so. Three days of the cal g and the other days quercetin. Haven’t tried both on the same day.

First thing I’ve noticed is that my folliculitis on my scalp has all but disappeared. I had maybe 8 spots. Maybe barely 1 or 2 left. I don’t know for certain which of the two cleared it up… Guessing cal g.

Have read that both can lower estrogen, but, quercetin may raise estradiol.

The only other effects I’ve noticed is that I took a cialis on Thursday, it’s now Sunday and my erection is at least as hard. The cialis had seemed to lose effectiveness on me… The one I had on Thursday was the first in a long while. The last time I took it, the erection was not as good. Possibly even worse than without.

I think I may have had or still have too high estrogen. I’ll be getting some lab work soon as well as a TRUS and full prostate check.

This might be too much info, but, a recent ejaculation set an all time distance record. Not sure what to make of that, but, that has to be prostate related.

I know this is late, but for others interested. Speeding up Phase1 (CYP3A4 in this case), will lead to a shut down basically because phase 2 cannot compensate. Safer to increase phase 2 imo. Calcium-glucarate is good for this as is cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits and tea and coffee.

Fin shuts down glutathione which is another detox pathway, and so when UG1AT1 is shut down, basically the body has no detox pathways left, puts extreme pressure on glutathione, further reducing it. I think the body will use up all it’s b-vitamins and minerals like crazy and we will crash and get all kinds of symptoms depending on what toxic chemical/deficiency we have.

So yeah, my opinion is that people w/ bad livers and poor detoxification (people w/ Gilbert’s or methylation problems) get wrecked by finasteride, while others with strong livers and tons of extra NADPH can withstand it. I think if we had gone on a very low dose of fin to start we might have been OK. But anyways, once you crash it’s a different story because you have to deal with potential methylation blocks or other problems, usually stemming from buildup of toxic chemicals. This is the worst part and I would heartily recommend anyone who has been off fin for a while and still is suffering to make sure to get a hair test and do a mineral rebalancing. It might help.

I’ve used it. Didnt notice a difference.

Tried again calcium glucarate and thought it may have put me backwards a bit. Lots changes in 8 yrs.

I’ve searched the forum and no one else posted this, so I figured I would share it. But Gilbert’s can lead to gynecomastia according to this post by gynecomastia organization.

I’m not saying this is the cause of PFS, but since this topic has been trending lately, I figured I would add some new pieces to it.

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