Caffeine and Brain fog

Okay I just noticed something interesting. I just started to drink a cup of coffee… got 2 tests tomorrow, and all of a sudden I had a case of brain fog hit me. Anyone think there is a correlation between brain fog and caffeine? I saw someone make a post about it in another forum, relating to liver issues and the caffeine affecting the liver?

Just thought I would post this to see if it happened to anyone else.

Personally I don’t think so. I had brain fog about 8-9 months ago and never stopped drinking coffee. My brain fog has been gone completely.

I feel it’s more related to one more hormones that are out of wack. The most significant change in my blood work that I noticed once the brain fog subsided was my Estrogen level came down.

that’s great news that you don’t have brainfog anymore. did you have or do anything for your brainfog to go or it simply disappeared alone?

Just wondering how did you bring it down? And is it down on its own or you take something to regulate it?

There is a direct connection with caffeine and alcohol causing brain fog for me.

I didn’t do anything specifically to try to bring it down. I think it may have started to just come down on it’s own. My brain fog was always the worst in the morning and got a little bit better as the day progressed. Coffee was the only thing I could use to relieve the brain fog a little, so that I could function. It would offer a little help, enough to just barely do my job. Also, for me it would need to be very strong bold type of coffe like Starbucks, not cheap home brew. The home brew would do nothing for me.

It’s possible a change in my estrogen or cortisol levels may be what made this go away. I’m going to get a new blood test done soon. You can look at my old blood work from a year ago and compare them. Maybe you can see some similarities and have an idea if one of the hormones is causing that.

If your interested, I’ll put copy and paste the before and after side by side so you can try to understand what may be causing that. I always felt the brain fog was the worst of all of the sides. It was tough to get satisfaction doing anything. I used to tell my Girl friend it made me feel stupid.

Thanks, mate. It would be helpul top have that before and after analysis. I totally agree that brain fog is the worst of all sides; makes you feel stupid and useless as you can’t properly perform at work and even socially. Glad to hear you’re not experiencing it anymore.

For me at first caffeine made me feel more normal for a while. When i drank coffee i felt better for 30min or so
and then back to “baseline”. i think this was because of noradrenaline caffeine releases, wich i was deficient due
to adrenal fatigue ?
But after i had drank coffee for a while it didn’t work anymore, instead i got extreme brainfor that could last
for several days. I think this has got something to do with liver and adrenals.

As i understand noradrenaline is somehow related also with feelings, anergy levels, sex drive and so on.
noradrenaline could be a big part of the problem ? atleast for those whose problems are caused by adrenal

i think that somehow liver problems are causing the problems in adrenal function aswell, don’t know how.

atleast for me liver has got something to do with my problems, cause i feel now alot better when i have
started to use these:

i can feel the difference instantly, my breathing gets better, my mind gets a bit clearer and my food
allergies improve a bit. I don’t feel like i used to feel yet, but i think the healing takes time
and helping my liver makes me heal quicker.

Well caffeine does make you more “hyper” and it definitely changes your thought loops to where you are thinking faster. Maybe I was just getting a severe case of anxiety at the time I was drinking it. I made another post on “how i got rid of brain fog” by meditating and I no longer am effected by caffeine.

I have a severe adrenaline/brainfog crash every time i take cafeine and this has only got worse during the last couple of months. Against some opinions here: Stay away from any cafeine as it eg. elevates cortisol which we may (quite likely?) have issues with already.

Brain fog = low neurotransmitters = low pregnenolone
Caffeine induces brain fog by converting all your pregnenolone into cortisol. The high cortisol will cause, thanks to its feedback, a shut down of pregnenolone production.

Take plenty of transdermal pregnenolone. It will likely not cure you, but it will eliminate brain fog completely.

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It will cause too much stress on your adrenal glands and wipe you out. Most of us with brain fog have adrenal issues on top of neurological problems. Go decaf.

Decaf still has trace amounts. Avoid it totally IMO.

Anything that raises cortisol (such as caffeine) will lower pregnenolone serum levels, which, when too low, causes brain fog.

Look, I am doing some reasearch. I have been a constant drinker of coffee (not much, 1-2 espresso/day rarely more) for almost all of my life, and now I am 38. Rarely I have passed a day without drinking coffee. A few weeks ago however I stopped coffee completely. Something odd happened.

Since Finasteride use I wasn’t able to dream anymore, or at least to remember that I had dreamed. Dreaming for me was extremely extremely extremely rare and I always had to sleep a lot. Also since Fin, aside a lot of other problems I had a phymosis-like condition, which I wouldn’t define phymosis as it was mostly an inflamation of the skin down there.

As I stopped coffee I have restarted dreaming consistently every night for the last few weeks. Also the phymosis like condition drastically improved, the skin has turned from red to almost normal pink.
Honestly these improvements were unexpected.

So indeed, at least in me, caffeine touches some delicate pathway. I will continue not drinking coffee at this point. This might bring further benefits in terms of re-equilibration.
Also I came across a few articles talking about caffeine hinibiting angiogenesis on models. This should be checked better, but if this is the case also in humans, I don’t think this is a good thing for PFS patiens, that have to deal with a lot of problems that might be related.